Jim Gregory

TAMPA, United States

Investment manager since 1980, Scuba Instructor since 2005, now add in Joomla! web designer since 2011. During my business career, I frequently found myself on corporate groups formed to identify software improvements needed to be more effective in our professions. In 2011, I volunteered to help bring various local churches' and non-profits' web sites out of the dark ages. Discovered Joomla!. Now instead of telling IT pros what I need, I use Joomla! to fill client needs.

In 2011, my church's website was the equivalent of a print brochure, unchanged for about 3 years. A year after a student volunteered to rewrite the code for the site, nothing had changed. I jumped in, researched several CMS and decided to try Joomla! Within a few months of riding a learning curve and leading a committee to guide the new design, the new site was rolled out. With training for selected individuals to grant them Author or Publisher status, committees were soon posting their own update articles. During the 18 months after rollout, over 50 articles had been posted by committee members! The congregation was better informed. The site was more attractive to visitors.

After that early experience, I volunteered to help other churches and some non-profits in my area refresh their sites using Joomla! I learned a lot about this great CMS and helped some local organizations modernize their sites and therefore better engage their audiences.

Now, I maintain some of those early sites and work on new commercial clients.
Enjoyiing what I do & getting paid doing it!

I've also taken the opportunity to volunteer at the first two JoomlaDay Florida events. The 3rd one will be held this winter, probably Feb '18.

In March, 2017, I spent a Saturday sharing the Joomla! story with young people and their families at the DaVinci Faire event held at Manatee Technical College in Bradenton, Florida. Writing an article for the June issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine describing the event and the reactions to Joomla! helped me share the word that Joomlers need to get out and share the Joomla! solution.

In October, 2017, I'll be giving a talk on Joomla! and volunteering at the CMS Summit, a part of the MERGE event in Orlando.

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