Carlos Rodríguez

Santa Clara, Cuba

I am passionate about web development, and everything beautiful and mysterious that it entails. I always like to face difficult problems, because solving them is very exciting. I work with Joomla in everything I can, and spread my most precious goal.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Revista de la comunidad Joomla! Contributor Co-Editor Jul 2016 Dec 2019
Volunteers Portal Team Member Nov 2014 May 2017
I met Joomla! when I was given the task of creating a website for a local newspaper in my city. Back then, we were a group of people in charge of this task, and how the project had to be completed as soon as possible, the first question was:
What we use for a quick but reliable and maintainable development?

Without hesitation one, the answer was to use a CMS. By making the appropriate review, we dismiss for Joomla ( I'm grateful for that decision ;) ). At this point, my story started with Joomla.

Months later, I could not stand the desire to give back to the project all that gave me during these first months. Then I actively join in groups that were in the nets. Thanks to that, I can make many friends Joomleros, we share the same vision of things, and we join. From this union was born our Magazine entirely in Spanish. A whole year of joy and a lot of work which was well received. In the meantime, I joined other initiatives, and actively assist in the joomla forums in Spanish giving all the support I could.

My desire is to continue to help the project grow, but mostly it grows our community in Spanish. Therefore, take part in the initiative to create our first JUG in my country, "Joomla! User Group Habana".

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