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Web designer and developer since 2003. Founder of Blu Dove Designs. A Joomla site creator and digital media marketer.

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When I started website development I was creating sites with HTML and CSS and using a developer for really compllicated projects. As time went on, clients began requesting more editing capabilities with their site than what was crudely available through the cpanel and file manager. Additionally they were asking for more and more functionality that if it had to be custom programmed would be way out of their budget.

I was looking for a way to easily develop sites and add functionality without breaking the bank. I wanted to provide our clients with what they were asking for. In all honestly, I first explored Wordpress. I quickly found that to be somewhat limiting. I then looked at Joomla by installing through fantastico. Upon first opening it up, it looked complex and I wasn't sure how it all worked. So I abandoned the idea....temporarily.

Finally, about 2006-2007, with the urging of an employee who had a friend that developed using Joomla, I was officially introduced to Joomla. He came in and gave us each a tutorial on the basics of Joomla, how it all worked, and even how to create a template. Back then it was easy because we didn't have to worry too much about responsive design!

I was hooked! 

I loved the ease of use, the flexbility and that the sites I created would still have the custom look at feel that we had become known for in our area. I had always advertised that we didn't "template" our sites; this was the best of both worlds - custom work while also being easy to edit for our cients!

Once I started showing clients how easy it was to take care of basic edits they were hooked too. 

From that point on, we started primarily using Joomla. Though we do evaluate a client's needs before we begin any project to ensure it's going to be a good match as they grow. Today I do use responsive template frameworks and then customize for the client. Overall the response in the last 10 years has been great. Clients love the ease of editing and we love the ease of design / development!

In February I attended my first Joomla Day and got to meet some fellow Joomlers for the first time. I even took my Joomla Certification. I'm so excited to be a part of the bigger Joomla community and looking forward to how I can help it grow!

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