Brian Peat

Hendersonville, TN, United States

I build Joomla sites for a living and play drums in my spare time. I'm a closet Lego fanatic and have experience in video (including web streaming) and print design. My specialty is "integration", making all the parts of a site match perfectly even if it means a bit of css hacking and using lots of template overrides. Most of my sites are built with commercial themes and extensions, but they're nearly all Joomla based (unless I'm forced to use something different).

Team Position Role Date Started
Joomla! World Conference Team Member Audio Visual & Production Jan 2016
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
JWC A/V Team Team Leader Nov 2015 Dec 2017
User Experience Team Member Research & Testing Team Member Apr 2016 Dec 2017 homepage redesign Member Jan 2016 Feb 2017
Accessible admin template working group Member Mar 2015 Aug 2015
Marketing Team Contributor Contributor Mar 2015 Mar 2017
Capital Team Member Nov 2014 Feb 2017

I first found Mambo through a friend of mine and messed with it right before the fork. Once the fork hit I actually messed with Drupal and then Wordpress, but finally came back to Joomla as 1.0 was nearing its end. Since then I've worked with Joomla all through the 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x versions. Every time I mess with another CMS, I always end up back with Joomla.

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