Marco Dings

weert, Netherlands

I'm a seasoned software professional that occupied corporate roles ranging from development to project and product management to running a large business unit managing a unit with at its peak 50 professionals. From there is started my own business doing bespoke Joomla development.

Team Position Role Date Started
Conflict Resolution Team Member May 2020
Certification Team Contributor Developer Apr 2020
Software Architecture & Strategy Team Assistant Team Leader Architecture Apr 2020
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Member Production Department Representative Oct 2019
Multidomain Working Group Member Sep 2019
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Joomla Accessibility Team Contributor Liaison Feb 2021 Feb 2022
Frontend Template Working Group Member Jul 2020 Dec 2020
Educational Outreach Contributor May 2020 Jul 2021
Production Department Coordinator Mar 2020 Feb 2022
Production Department Member Feb 2017 Mar 2020
Certification Team Member Developer Jun 2019 Apr 2020
Software Architecture & Strategy Team Team Leader Architecture Apr 2019 Apr 2020
Joomla Accessibility Team Member Liaison Jun 2018 Feb 2021
GSoC 18 Command Line Update Team Leader Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
GSoC 18 Multi-language Association Member Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor Mar 2017 May 2017
New Media Manager Team Member Developer Nov 2016 Mar 2017
Conflict Resolution Team Member PLT Liaison Oct 2016 Feb 2017
Security Strike Team Member Oct 2015 May 2017
User Experience Team Member Research & Testing Team Member Aug 2014 Aug 2016
Capital Team Contributor Sep 2015 Apr 2017
Joomla X Architecture Team Leader Facilitator, J4WG Liason Jun 2014 Mar 2019
Joomla X Team Team Leader Generic fuctionality May 2015 Mar 2019
Production Leadership Team Department Member May 2015 Feb 2017
Bug Squad Member Feb 2013 Nov 2016

I have been around the web actively since Netscape 0.5? At the beginning of the 90’s. At that time IE did not even exist and PHP was just born. I started bij building my own “CMS” based on perl and cgi-bin. After being involved in some other CMS i took a sabbatical to work on my career only to return on the battlefield when i was looking for a multilingual CMS with some form of ACL, Joomla 1.6 was discovered (by me).

At some point I decided to make it my business, initially with limited success. In may 2013 I decided to attend JandBeyond in Noordwijkerhout. The jury is out if this was the best or worst decision ever,  the conference and community felt like a warm bath and I was hooked.

Following the conference a partnership formed resulting in the Viryagroup LTD, a full service webcompany, where my partner and i had complementing capabilities to make it a success.

From there we serviced many companies and did some large bespoke development projects.

I became more and more active in the community participating in many different teams/ working groups and speaking on various topics, ranging from less, debugging and SVG’s to name but a few.

Since approximately 2015 i have been part of Production Department ( initially called production leadership team) with a strong interest future and architecture.

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