Alexander Metzler

Frankfurt, Germany

I am a designer and Joomla enthusiast since 1.5. I support the German community with graphic design, speeches at Joomla events such as Joomla Day and J and Beyond and organize the Joomla User Group Frankfurt. Beside my passion for design and Joomla I am driven by health topics and nature protection.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Conflict Resolution Team Member May 2019 Jan 2020
Board of Directors Officer Vice President May 2018 Sep 2019

One day, one of my customers told me that he would like to edit the content of his website by himself.

“Impossible”, I said – “unless you want to learn html”. “No, no”, said my customer, “there is something called CMS”…

So, I asked one of my designer friends if he had heard of this. “Yes, check out Joomla”, was his answer.

This is where my love for Joomla began. My first Joomla Day in Hamburg 2011 resulted in new friendships and I learned what it meant to be part of a community.


To this day, I am utterly grateful to Joomla and especially to the people behind it. <3

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