Alison Meeks


I have a passion for the web and social media. Used right it is such an amazing avenue to talk with people to get your message out whether that be customers or just sharing your passion. Get rid of the spin, cut the bullshit and be authentic. Helping my clients look great online and in print. Life's a trip and if you think you have everything under control, think again! Everything can change in a moment. And it did! The journey to learning never stops. I'm a blend of tech geek, tree hugger and rock n roller! Though I play no music, I can't imagine my life without it.

Team Position Role Date Started
Social Media Team Member Oct 2020
Marketing Team Contributor Jul 2019
Marketing Design Group Member Apr 2017
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Social Media Team Team Leader Feb 2014 Oct 2020
Marketing Team Member Jan 2018 Jul 2019
Joomla! Event Traveller Programme Team Member Jan 2018 Jul 2020
Social Media Team Team Leader Aug 2017 Oct 2020
JWC Marketing & Social Media Member Social Media Assistant May 2017 Jan 2018
JWC Website & Design Member Design Assistants May 2017 Nov 2017
Marketing Product Release Management Team Member Imagery Mar 2017 Apr 2018
Joomla! Event Traveller Programme Team Team Leader Feb 2017 Jan 2018
Social Media Team Assistant Team Leader Nov 2014 Aug 2017

Many years ago I was at my computer store waiting to speak to the owner who was talking to another fellow. The other fellow (Bob the ass grabber) was looking for a designer and my computer guy (Chris) introduced us. Bob was working with this great CMS and did I have any experience with it. No I didn't. While I didn't continue working with Bob, I did get my introduction to Joomla and started building websites using Joomla 1.5. Since I'm not a programmer Joomla has allowed me to offer my clients more functionality than if I was building static HTML sites. This became even more important to me after a surgery several years back left me with a "brain fog" where I could still design but really technical or code related things left me stumped. In 2012 I first hooked up with JUG Toronto and found out about the community and have made many wonderful friends since.

I'm pleased to count many Joomlers amoungst my closest friends.

I am currently the Joomla Social Media Team - Team Lead, Admin on the Facebook No Spam group, Joomla Events Team - Member, Joomla Marketing Team - Member, Joomla Design Team - Assitant/Print Specialist. 

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