Shirielle (SD) Williams

United States

Many know me as SD. I love sharing my love of Joomla with others, especially newbies!

Team Position Role Date Started
Production Department Member Aug 2022
CMS Maintenance Team Member Release Manager 4.3 Aug 2022
CMS Release Team Member 4.3 Release Lead Jul 2022
Bug Squad Member Joomla 4.3 Release Lead Jul 2022
Joomla Accessibility Team Contributor Liaison Jul 2022
Certification Team Contributor Exam Maintainer - Admin. & Content Oct 2021
Joomla User Groups Team Contributor Sep 2021
Events Team Team Leader Mar 2021
Events Department Member Feb 2021
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Member Feb 2021
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Joomla User Groups Team Member May 2021 Sep 2021
GSoC 2021 Accessibility Member May 2021 Sep 2021
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Member Mentor Jan 2021 Sep 2021
Events Team Contributor Feb 2021 Mar 2021
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Contributor Sep 2020 Feb 2021
Educational Outreach Assistant Team Leader Jul 2020 Jul 2021
Educational Outreach Contributor Apr 2020 Jul 2020

I started in Joomla!, by accident.  I was volunteering with a non-profit organization that badly needed a new website.  They were looking for something that was robust, but friendly, and easy to use.  After some searching, I stumbled across Joomla 1.7.  After some reading, a new website was born that enabled them to promote their events, accept registrations, and share with visitors their message.

Since then I have grown more in love with Joomla!, despite using many other technologies and CMS platforms, as well as teaching a CMS course.  I've taken that love for Joomla! and used it to inspire the younger generation, participating in area internship programs teaching students interested in web technology, Joomla.

I enjoy meeting other Joomlers and learning from them.  You could say that I've jumped in with both feet, I lead JUG Chicago NorthJoomlaDay Chicago, JoomlaCamp Chicago, and in 2019 first time hosting Pizza, Bugs, and Fun

My company, Danico Enterprises, specialized in Joomla! websites and marketing. I love sharing with my clients all the things that Joomla can do. With many of clients being self-maintainers it is a great opportunity to not only share, but also teach them how to be apart of the site update process allowing them to experience for themselves the power of Joomla.

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