Mikalai Valer'evich Sakalouski

Gomel, Belarus

I don't know, what to tell? I prefer to use free software, only. And that's what attracts me most, in Joomla: here, I can change things I don't like.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Documentation Translation Team Contributor Translator Oct 2018 Jul 2019

A friend of mine (Dzmitri Kuchin) – told me about Joomla: mentioning it as a system of his uncle's choice (making money in ex-change for making the plug-ins)… So, I could start studying the Joomla – to be-come a part of their team, in future. But now, I just re-act to some e-mails from Sandra97 – as there I am asked to help with trans-lations, in-to my own local language (of, the Republic – of «Belarus»).

I – like the possibility, of making my language more wide-spread…

And, to do this – I use your plat-form: through some Web front-end «inter-face».

This way – is not very easy; so, I am planning to use more specific soft-ware (GNU-based?) – to in-crease the typing rate… But, if I would not succeed – I will try to continue the usage of the tool you provided; that's not a pleasant thing, – as when it freezes (often; due to my not so ideal PC-administration deeds) – I lose my sanity. :-)

Thank you.

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