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Niels Braczek started working as a freelance software developer in 1983. Since 2005 he's bringing his experience with various programming languages (such as COBOL, C, Assembler) and runtime environments (from personal computers to mainframes) into the Joomla! project. As a Clean Code evangelist, Niels was one of the driving forces behind the introduction of automated software testing in Joomla!.

Team Position Role Date Started
Software Architecture & Strategy Team Member Apr 2024
CMS Maintenance Team Member Maintainer Framework Aug 2021
Security Strike Team Member Framework Team Liaison Jan 2021
Framework Working Group Member Dec 2020
Production Department Member Mar 2020
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Joomla Experience Team Contributor Liaison Aug 2022 Sep 2023
CMS Release Team Member Dec 2021 May 2023
GSoC 21 Feature Enhancement Member May 2021 Sep 2021
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Member Mentor Jan 2021 Sep 2021
Software Architecture & Strategy Team Team Leader Architecture Apr 2020 Apr 2024
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Contributor Oct 2019 Jun 2023
Bug Squad Member Apr 2019 Jun 2019
Software Architecture & Strategy Team Member Architecture Apr 2019 Apr 2020
GSoC 18 Media Manager Adaptive Images Team Leader Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
GSoC 18 Webservices in Joomla Member Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor Apr 2018 Dec 2018
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor May 2017 Dec 2017
GSoC 17 Parallel Testing Member Mentor May 2017 Dec 2017
Docker and Infrastructure Team Member Apr 2017 Mar 2019
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor Mar 2017 Dec 2017
GSoC 16 Browser automated tests Member Mentor Jun 2016 Dec 2016
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Member Mentor Apr 2016 May 2017
User Experience Team Member Liaison Feb 2016 Aug 2016
Automated Testing Team Member Docker Jul 2015 May 2024
Joomla X Architecture Member Lead Architect Jun 2015 Mar 2019
Joomla X Team Assistant Team Leader Architecture, Generic Functionalities Jun 2015 Mar 2019
Bug Squad Team Leader Nov 2014 Apr 2019

I started my own business as a freelancer in 1983, developing software for IBM mainframes as well as for PC compatible computers and Amiga. There was not much about specialisation at that time.

In the second half of the 1990s, my customers got more and more aware of the cool new internet thing, and asked me to build a website for them. Never being afraid to learn new things, I built those sites. Pure HTML in the beginning, later with CGI scripts in different languages, mostly Perl, and 1999, PHP added to that list.

About 2003, some sites grew that much, that my build tool chain wasn’t satisfying anymore, when I had to add or update content for my customers. So I needed a CMS. There were a lot of them in the market, but since I nearly completely had moved to PHP, it should be a PHP based open source product. I did a market survey, installed and tested any PHP CMS I could get, and finally chose Mambo. Its concept of separate components, supported by modules and mambots convinced me.

I made half a dozen sites with it, discovering some of the flaws in Mambo. So some day, I decided to create my own CMS ‘nibraCMS’ (I heard, that every web developer has to go through this phase), which should be better in many regards, but ideally be able to run Mambo extensions.

We all know, what happened then, in 2005: Joomla! emerged as a fork of Mambo. Rumors about the goals of the new project told me, that they pretty much were the same as mine with nibraCMS, so I immediately cancelled my project and joined Joomla!.

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