Anibal Sanchez

Llanera, Oviedo, Spain

Team Leader / Senior Developer. Extly.Tech. Empower your project with our web solutions. Today, specialized in Laravel, Symfony, AWS, Ionic & Angular. A #Joomla Volunteer.

Team Position Role Date Started
Extensions Directory Team Team Leader Team Manager Jan 2019
Forum Team Contributor Moderator May 2017
JED Developers Assistant Team Leader Sep 2018
Mobile Apps Team Team Leader Nov 2015
User Research & Strategy Working Group Member Dec 2017
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Community Leadership Team Member Aug 2016 Feb 2017
Conflict Resolution Team Member CLT Liaison Oct 2016 Mar 2017
Extensions Directory Team Assistant Team Leader Assistant Team Manager Jan 2015 Jan 2019
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor Feb 2017 Dec 2017
GSoC 17 Expand Extension Manager Team Leader Mentor Jun 2017 Dec 2017
GSoC 17 Expand Extension Manager Member May 2017 Jun 2017 homepage redesign Member Jan 2016 Feb 2017
Web Services Working Group Assistant Team Leader Aug 2016 Dec 2016

I was looking for a CMS to create simple websites. Joomla v1.0 was just released, converted from Mambo. With years, I have been learning the general spirit and involving myself with the community. A couple of years ago, after creating some websites, I have had the idea to publish and sell each solution as an extension. And now.... here we are.. providing services for more than 30 extensions, managing consulting projects, developing mobile apps for Joomla! and finding time to collaborate at GitHub, JED, and Google Summer of Code.

  • - We develop Joomla extensions to manage social content, catalogs and directories, and responsive tools for mobile support. We are the creators of AutoTweetNG, Joocial, SlimApps, XT Search and XTDir.

  • -  Development of Web Solutions. We manage your infrastructure & application development using industry standard tools. 

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