Embarek Karim

Zeralda, Algeria

I am at the base ceo of a digital agency and event organization in Algeria, I organize the biggest web and tic event in Algeria and Africa Algeria 2.0, and I am a big fan of joomla and user in my professional life :)

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Volunteers Portal Team Member Jan 2018 Jan 2020
African Joomla Conference Team Leader Nov 2015 Aug 2017

I discovered joomla in 2007 when a client asked me to build a website in a week, it was at this moment that I had more developer, so I asked a person on what software or platform I could work to realize the site, he told me joomla.

After a search on google, I found Joomla and her beautiful forum, after some time when I asked questions myself, I found myself answering questions, and there I understood that I could help and share my experience with joomla to the community.

I started by creating a jug called JUGalgeria and after a few years of organizing joomladay (7) and meeting with the joomla community, I ended up putting a base so that all joomla communities in Algeria could to meet and organize.

I also participated in several joomladay thanks to the jetTravel program of joomla which is really an important tool of experience sharing. I also participated in the Arabic translation of joomla pedant several years.

now I'm launching a new jug Zeralda that will do exactly what the jugalgeria did, but with much more experience and sharing

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