Bordeaux, France

My life changed when the word "personal computer" arrived in the ordinary language. Even if my PC was one thousand times less powerful than your mobile phone, it was a revolution. Irreversible! And internet arrived.... Thus Santa Claus really exists? :) The birth of CMS, and Joomla in particular, was the cherry on the cake. The possibilities became infinite. And today, there is no project that we can't build with Joomla. The revolution is always on the way. Don't fall asleep, the best is to come:)

Team Position Role Date Started
Joomla! Optimisation Team Team Leader Mar 2020
Marketing Local Community Liaison Member Liaison for France Sep 2018
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Member Marketing Department Representative Oct 2019 Apr 2020
Marketing & Communication Department Coordinator Sep 2019 Sep 2020
Community Translation Team Contributor French Translation Feb 2019 Mar 2021
Marketing Team Contributor France Liaison Sep 2018 Jan 2019
Certification Team Member Sep 2016 Mar 2017
Certification Marketing Team Member Marketeer Feb 2016 Feb 2017
JUG Outreach Team Member Dec 2015 Feb 2016
JUG Directory Working Group Member May 2015 Jun 2016
Joomla User Groups Team Contributor Feb 2015 Jan 2018

Joomladdict since 2006, I take the chance to live from Joomla in 2009 and create my agency. It was evident for me to give for community for something who change my professional life. I start met the JUG Bordeaux and just after that, the birth of the "Association for French-speaking User of Joomla" (AFUJ). I try to give back to the community the happiness Joomla give me every single day to work with, and feel so lucky to be a part of a fabulous community. We are Joomlers !

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