Founder & CEO of Octopoos Editor of SEBLOD. French Association of Joomla!® Users (AFUJ) President. Joomla!® Showcase Community Team Leader.

Team Position Role Date Started
Showcase Directory Team Team Leader Team Leader Oct 2010
Trademark & Licensing Team Member Trademark Specialist Jan 2018
Webmasters Team Member Showcase Sep 2016
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Extensions Directory Team Member Jan 2011 Jan 2015

Sebastien Lapoux is the founder and CEO of Octopoos, a French Internet Services company specializes in Joomla. 

Octopoos is the editor of SEBLOD a software on Joomla to answer the specific needs of your customers faster than ever. It complements Joomla by providing professional features for high-end websites.

The General Electric Distributed Power website https://www.ge-distributedpower.com, recently launched by a global campaign, is made exclusively with such as http://www.liptonicetea.com (under revision) or http://www.alain-milliat.com.

Sebastien Lapoux is a former member of the Joomla Extension Directory team (JED) and the Joomla Showcase team (JCS). As a member of the French Joomla association board, he is organizing French Joomla!Days and the french Joomla community.

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