Joomla! Volunteer: JED, Certification Program, Trademark & Licensing • Website integrator • working in the Hosting industry

Team Position Role Date Started
Operations Department Member May 2020
Joomla! Resources Language Team Contributor Italian Proofreader Mar 2021
Community Magazine Team Assistant Team Leader Lead Editor Apr 2020
Webmasters Team Contributor Trademark / OSM Liaison Apr 2020
Certification Ambassadors Contributor Trusted Supervisor Jan 2017
Certification Team Member JLPs Liaison Jun 2015
Global Events Fund Working Group Member Jan 2019
Marketing Local Community Liaison Member Liaison for Italy Sep 2018
Capital Team Contributor Contributor Apr 2018
Certification Exam Translations Team Member Translation Liaison (JCP) Nov 2017
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Member May 2017
Board of Directors Officer Secretary Mar 2017
Trademark & Licensing Team Assistant Team Leader Trademark Specialist Oct 2015
Extensions Directory Team Member Listing Manager Jan 2015
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
GSoC 21 Feature Enhancement - 2 Member May 2021 Sep 2021
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Member Mentor Jan 2021 Sep 2021
Joomla Accessibility Team Contributor Liaison Jan 2020 May 2022
Community Magazine Team Member Lead Editor Jan 2020 Apr 2020
GSOC 19 Joomla 4 Feature Enhancements Member Mentor May 2019 Jul 2019
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Contributor Mentor May 2019 Aug 2019
Production Assistant to the Department Coordinator Mar 2019 Oct 2019
Marketing Team Contributor Sep 2018 Jan 2019
Certification Operations & Marketing Team Team Leader Nov 2017 Feb 2019
Partnership Success Team Member Contributor Nov 2017 Aug 2019
Privacy Compliance Team Assistant Team Leader Policy Specialist Nov 2017 Dec 2022
Incorporation Working Group Member Nov 2017 Aug 2019
Privacy Compliance Team Team Leader Aug 2017 Nov 2017
Local Communities Department setup working group Member Jun 2017 Jun 2019
Joomla! World Conference Team Member Italian Outreach May 2017 Aug 2019
JWC 2017 - Italian Outreach Team Leader Outreach Lead May 2017 Nov 2017
Programs Department Coordinator Feb 2017 Mar 2017
Conflict Resolution Team Member Jan 2017 Jul 2019
Joomla User Groups Team Member Dec 2016 Mar 2017
Webmasters Team Member Trademark / OSM Liaison Sep 2016 Apr 2020
Community Translation Team Member Italian Translator Sep 2016 Mar 2021
Certification Team Assistant Team Leader Jun 2015 Feb 2019
CMS Maintenance Team Member Aug 2016 Jan 2019
Production Leadership Team Department Member May 2016 Feb 2017
Certification Operations Team Team Leader JLPs Relations Jun 2015 Nov 2017

During 2015 I joined the Joomla! Extensions Directory Team as Listing Specialist and then Listing Manager. In a couple of years I served in several roles and teams, specially in Joomla! Certification Program, where I was also Team Leader. In 2016 I had also the honour to join Production Leadership Team as Assistant until the transition has been completed.

During the transition I've been elected Programs Department Coordinator (just for few days) and then Secretary of Open Source Matters, Inc.

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