Ole Bang Ottosen


Joomla! Volunteer by Heart Web Editor , joomla volunteer, support specialist and mentor. Language geek. OpenTranslators co-founder.

Team Position Role Date Started
Joomla! Resources Language Team Contributor Danish Proofreader Mar 2021
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Community Translation Team Contributor Danish Translator Jun 2017 Mar 2021
Forum Team Contributor Local forum moderator May 2017 Oct 2018

My 'honour roll' at this page won´t show much, although I´ve given and shared much. You have to know the right people to get on that tab I guess. Some of what I actually did is listed below. Honour or not worthy, I still enjoyed it ;)

Bughunter, ex Forum moderator, ex global and local translation coordinator, ex JED Editor, ex Joomla! Core team member, ex Production Leadership Team member, ex Community Leadership Team member, ex Community Oversight Committee member, active translator, doc writer, huge supporter of #jpositiv :)

Forum moderator joomla.org danish/international 2005->2018
Web Editor Joomla! Extensions Directory 2005->2008
Joomla! Danish Translation Coordinator 2005-2007
Joomla! Core team - Translation Coordinator 2007->2009
Joomla! Leadership Team / Production 2009->2010
Joomla! Leadership Team / Community 2010->2010
Joomla! Community Oversight Committee 2009-2011
Joomla! Translation Coordination Team 2008->2011
Joomla! Bug Squad 2009->2015
Danskmambo.dk 2004-2005
Joomla.dk 2005-2019
Joomlascandinavia.com 2005-2007
Molajo Elder Council 2010-2011
OpenTranslators 2011->2018 (5000+ volunteers contributed more than 10 million non-english words to the joomla eco-system, in 152 languages. Difference made!)

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