Evolved from Joomla user to JUG organizer, to speaker, to JoomlaDays team member, and today I'm a JCM team member and in the team organizing Joostock (a Joomlacamp/unconference event in the Netherlands)

Team Position Role Date Started
Community Magazine Team Team Leader Deputy Editor May 2022
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Community Magazine Team Member Editorial Staff Feb 2020 May 2022
Joomla 4 Marketing Team Member Copywriters Feb 2020 May 2021

I run a small web agency in the Netherlands, WebLab42, with my partner.

Before I decided to go pro with Joomla (in 2014) I was a writer/journalist for 15 years.

In 2009 I started working with Joomla, not knowing anything about webdesign. I joined a JUG in 2012, two months later I was co-organizer :) (and stayed co-organizer for about five years). I wrote articles about Joomla in a Dutch webdesigner magazine, talk at JUGs and JoomlaDays about Joomla and extensions. I was a member of Dutch JoomlaDagen team for three years. Since 2017 I'm a member of the Joostock team. Joostock is a Joomlacamp/unconference event in the Netherlands.
I was the editor of the Dutch Joomla web agency brochure, a brochure webdesigners can use to convince their potential clients that Joomla is the right choice for them.

At Joomla Forum for the Future (2020) I volunteered to contribute as an author/blogger/copywriter.

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