Yann Gomiero


Diving into Joomla was embarking on a captivating adventure. From contributor to catalyst through AFUJ, I've nurtured the French community, orchestrated events... My fervor for Joomla persists. I'm ever-ready to spring into action, organizing, publishing, or aiding new endeavors.

Team Position Role Date Started
Documentation Translation Team Member Aug 2023
Documentation Team Member Aug 2023
Joomla! Resources Language Team Contributor French Proofreader Aug 2021

I was captivated by the Joomla project right from its early versions. Swiftly transitioning from a French contributor to taking the reins at joomla.fr, I was the driving force behind establishing the first-ever French JUG in 2008 through the inception of the Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Joomla (AFUJ), of which I stand as one of the founding members – and the only one still rockin' the scene.

Together with the association, we've unleashed a whirlwind of initiatives, whether it's orchestrating Joomladay FR, nurturing the community through forums and social networks, piloting official translation projects, or heralding the numerous Joomla! releases. Even though I've taken a step back in managing the association to dedicate myself to my professional pursuits, I'm still hands-on with organization and publications, swooping into the French forum whenever the need arises.

My entry into contributor teams came fashionably late, infusing them with my developer skills, server wizardry, web designing finesse, and my newfound knack for conjuring images and videos using AI tools. Among the countless translations of the official documentation (jdocs), I set myself a personal challenge: to regularly publish content in both English and French, an ongoing mission to carry the Joomla torch forward.

Feel free to drop me a line if you need a helping hand or if you're cooking up exciting projects – I'm your go-to aficionado!

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