Chris Paschen

St. Paul, United States

With over 20 years of communications experience, including using Joomla from it's very first version, I help clients establish online presence and solve other communication strategy issues. I have also contributed to the Joomla! Community for several years and recently served as the Marketing Team Leader.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Marketing Team Team Leader Mar 2015 May 2017

My first CMS was a custom coded system that I built from scratch in PHP/mySQL. Of course right AFTER I completed that project I found out about Mambo, so I started using that. Then within several months I learned what a 'fork' was - and I (fortunately) followed the Joomla part of that fork. Ever since then I have been helping companies small and large solve their web needs using Joomla. Along the way I have also worked for some Joomla extension developers (incl Dioscouri, Zoolanders) by providing user support and documentation services. I have also created several custom components for clients and even had several ideas about releasing those components to the community (but I haven't found the time to do that yet). My biggest joy comes from helping others find a way to solve their problems - and esp. when that involves a stable, well-functioning Joomla site.

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