Andrew Eddie

Brisbane, Australia

Co-author of Mambo 4.5+/Joomla 1; project lead for Joomla 1.6 (co-developed Forms, ACL packages, template styles, menu-module enhancements); co-author of new Joomla Framework MVC and Data packages.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Joomla X Team Member archtecture, TDD, PM Jun 2015 Jul 2015
Framework Team Member May 2015 Jul 2015
Joined Mambo in Feb 2003.

Built most of what was Mambo 4.5 sponsored by the then Toowoomba City Council.

Forked Mambo to Joomla.

Served at various times on Community Oversight Committee and Production Leadership Team.

Hosted first PLT summit in my house in 2009.

Had a strong hand in the direction of the Joomla 1.5 MVC (a product of work for a client).

For better or worse co-built most of the new ACL and Form infrastructure in Joomla 1.6.

Built the original "user notes" system (a product of work for a client).

Helped make Joomla 1.7 happen.

Helped maintain Joomla Framework in spits and spats over the years.

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