London, United Kingdom

An avid Joomler, I am involved in many areas of the project including web-mastering several of our project properties.

Team Position Role Date Started
Board of Directors Officer President Mar 2018
Capital Team Member Jul 2016
Certification Operations & Marketing Team Member Nov 2017
Compliance Team Member Liaison Aug 2017
Developer Conference Team Member Nov 2015
Events Team Member Nov 2015
Incorporation Working Group Member Nov 2017
Joomla! Event Traveller Programme Team Assistant Team Leader Aug 2015
Joomla! Optimisation Team Assistant Team Leader Sep 2016
Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team Member Assistant Team Leader May 2017
Joomla! World Conference Team Member Venue, Logistics & Webmaster Jan 2017
Local Communities Department setup working group Assistant Team Leader Jun 2017
Marketing Team Member May 2017
New Project Wide Template Design Team Assistant Team Leader Oct 2016
Template Directory Team Member Nov 2015
User Groups Team Member Jun 2015
Webmasters Team Assistant Team Leader Aug 2016
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Community Leadership Team Member Aug 2016 Feb 2017
Events Department Coordinator Feb 2017 Mar 2018
African Joomla Conference Member Nov 2016 Oct 2018
Distribution Working Group Member Nov 2015 Aug 2016
Governance Working Group Member Member Nov 2015 Nov 2015
JUG Directory Working Group Team Leader May 2015 Jun 2016
JWC Logistics & Venue Team Leader Feb 2017 Nov 2017
JWC Website & Design Team Leader Webmaster Feb 2017 Nov 2017
Marketing Product Release Management Team Assistant Team Leader Jan 2017 Apr 2018

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