Barnett Temwa Msiska

Cape Town, South Africa

Creative and versatile Web Designer & Internet Marketer. Passionate about Information Technology, how it is able to productively transform society and a strong believer in its potential to effect change. Lover and seeker of all true knowledge, especially all things Zen. Enjoys studying and observing code in the wild, where their natural beauty is best appreciated.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Bug Squad Member Jun 2015 Nov 2016

Eons ago, whilst in college, I started a startup selling personal computers to students and saw the need to have a website. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately - depending on your perspective, I could not afford to hire a web designer to do it for me let alone a decent one. And so I took my first step into web design DIY style which eventually led me to abandon the computer sales business and pursue web design as an occupation. Initially I made use of free service from Bravenet that offered free web space with a drag and drop interface in which to build your site. It was not long before I realized the limitations of this approach and started to learn HTML and did several iterations of, what appears in retrospect to be, crappy designs. One thing that stayed consistent however was my desire to improve and I did improve over time. Eventually, I discovered joomla at the time when version 1.5 was in aplha and have not looked back ever since as far as choice of CMS goes. Over time I have discovered interesting connections around Joomla both in software and people and are now taking the road towards extension development and I am sure it will be a wonderful ride!

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