Victor Drover

I'm a retired professor of Biochemistry who loves Joomla, rugby, karate, scuba diving and traveling. I'm a Canadian expat living with my family in the USA. As a Joomler, I volunteer for the trademark, finance and world conference teams.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Open Source Matters Member Treasurer Oct 2013 Jun 2016
Finance Team Team Leader Nov 2013 Aug 2016
Joomla! World Conference Team Member Venue, Logistics & Webmaster Jun 2013 Jun 2015
Trademark & Licensing Team Member Aug 2014 Aug 2016
My first Joomla experience was building a Mambo site for my local rugby team. After that, I began managing a free extension — a calendar for my rugby team — and my path to being a full-time Joomla service provider had begun. A few years later I co-founded Joomla User Group Milwaukee, began attending regional and international Joomla events and eventually was elected to serve on a leadership team as Treasurer of Open Source Matters.

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