Javier Gomez

Barcelona, Spain

Javier Gomez leaves in Barcelona (Spain) and is member of the Joomla Production Leadership Team.

Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
GSoC 16 JavaScript Tests PLT Liaison Jun 2016 Dec 2016
GSoC 16 Sharable draft content PLT Liaison Jun 2016 Dec 2016
GSoC 16 Improving the menu item workflow PLT Liaison Jun 2016 Dec 2016
GSoC 16 Browser automated tests PLT Liaison Jun 2016 Dec 2016
GSoC 16 Improved multi-lingual content management PLT Liaison Jun 2016 Dec 2016
GSoC 16 Recording action logs PLT Liaison Jun 2016 Dec 2016
Google Summer of Code Joomla Team Member Mentor Feb 2016 Mar 2017
Accessible admin template working group Member Automated testing Mar 2015 Aug 2015
Joomla Accessibility Team Member Mar 2015 Jan 2016
Joomla! World Conference Team Member May 2014 Nov 2014
Joomla! Event Traveller Programme Team Member Jul 2013 Nov 2014
Open Source Matters Department Member Board Member Feb 2010 Feb 2013
Structure Team Member PLT Liaison Aug 2014 Feb 2015
CMS Maintenance Team Member Nov 2014 May 2017
Finance Team PLT Liaison Nov 2013 Feb 2015
Bug Squad Member Nov 2014 May 2017
Production Leadership Team Department Member Board Member Jan 2013 Feb 2017
Update Working Group PLT Liaison Aug 2014 Nov 2014
Core Translation Team PLT Liaison Nov 2014 Sep 2014
Translation Tools Working Group PLT Liaison Nov 2014 Nov 2016
Automated Testing Team Member Architecture & Setup Apr 2014 May 2017

In 2010 Javier became a board member of Open Source Matters, the non-for-profit that provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! open-source project. In 2013 javier joined the Joomla Production Leadership Team where he volunteer his time to the project. He became active in the community in 2007 by organizing the first national Joomla! meeting in Barcelona and has participated in several other Joomla events in different countries: United States, Chile, Spain, Guatemala, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands... he is passionate about the Joomla! community and is focused on enhancing the internationalization of the project and the System Testing of the CMS. One of his most known contributions to the project is the Joomla! language installer (Joomla! http://community.joomla.org/blogs/community/1668-first-time-in-joomla-history.html). In his professional live he works as a Quality Assurance at redCOMPONENT.com.

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