Roberto Longo

Milan, Italy

Team Position Role Date Started
Joomla! World Conference Team Member Italian Outreach Jun 2017
JWC 2017 - Italian Outreach Member Outreach Assistants May 2017
Team Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Joomla! World Conference Team Contributor May 2017 Jun 2017

Everything began in 2014. I heard about Joomla several years before, but in 2014 I met a local joomla community (Joomla!Lombardia) that opened my eyes on joomla potentiality. In the same year I took place at Joomla Meeting in Verona where I met Sarah Watz, that transmitted to me her passion for the Joomla Project. In 2014 I also worked as volunteer at the JoomlaDay in Milano (the most important Joomla Event in Italy). From that year on, I became a joomla fan ;) Now I'm working as a volunteer in Joomla!Lombardia and, in spare time, I'm collaborating with the Documentation Translation Team (JDT)

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