Automated Testing Team Official

This team focuses on improving the Quality of Joomla CMS software and creating learning material about "how to automatically test" joomla CMS and its extensions. Keywords: Unit, System, Acceptance, Integration, Codeception, Selenium, Jasmine, Karma


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Bug Squad (JBS) Official

The purpose of the Joomla! Bug Squad is to reduce the number of bugs in Joomla.

Learn more about the Bug Squad on our portal!

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Capital Team Official

The Capital Team manages all business level partnerships and financial sponsorships of the Joomla Project as well as the banner advertising on our web sites.


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Certification Team (JCP) Official

The Joomla! Certification Program (JCP) Team's task is to design, develop, deliver and maintain the official Joomla! Certification Program. This is a large team comprised of various working groups: the Exam & Platform Team (CEPT) and the Operations & Marketing Team (COMT); the Certification Ambassadors and the Exam Translation team(s).

For more information over the Joomla Certification Program 


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CMS Maintenance Team Official

This team is responsible for reviewing all patches submitted to the Joomla! CMS, merging patches into the code base, and ensuring that the high standards of Joomla are maintained at all times.

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CMS Release Team Official

This team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of Joomla! CMS releases.

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Community Magazine Team (JCM) Official

Published monthly, the JCM highlights the contributions of community volunteers, and provides information about different opportunities to support the Joomla! project and its community. Full list of past & present Authors:


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Community Translation Team Official

The Community Translation Team is responsible for the localisation needed within The Joomla! Project, for sites, announcements, marketing, official extensions etc. You can find all the localised Joomla's Projects here and follow the team on Twitter.
You can also join the Community Translation Team on the dedicated room on Glip.

Please check the Core Translation Team to get involved with the translation of the Joomla! CMS itself.

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Compliance Team (GDPR) Official

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the European Union will be effective on May 25, 2018.

The Project has to evaluate the impact of such regulation and update its privacy policy and internal process accordingly.

The aim of this team is to ensure the project compliance with such regulation.

Help and contributions are highly appreciated

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Core Translation Team Official

This group is coordinating the Translation Teams. For further information see Translations Working Group Page.

Please check the Community Translation Team to get involved with the translation of the Joomla! sites, announcements and marketing.

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Documentation Team (JDocs) Official

The Documentation Team is part of the Production Department. Our team handles creating and maintaining all the official Joomla! documentation. This includes documentation for end-users, administrators, third-party developers and administrator Help Screens. Additionally, the team also maintains
Our primary focus is You DO NOT need to be a member of this team to contribute to JDocs, it is a wiki. If you can improve something on JDocs, please create an account and contribute.


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Events Team Official

Oversees approvals and publishing of JoomlaDays, Joomla User Groups and related official global Joomla events.


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Extensions Directory Team (JED) Official

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) is the website where Joomla users can find free and paid extensions for Joomla.


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Finance Working Group Unofficial

This working group is intended to support the daily job of the Treasurer of Open Source Matters.

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Forum Team Official

Website for technical Joomla support by community to other community members

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Framework Team In Formation

This team is responsible for maintaining the Joomla Framework.

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Google Summer of Code Joomla Team (GSoC) Official

GSoC is a global program runs completely online, an initiative started by Google back in 2005. GSoC Program is designed and sponsored by Google. Goal of the program is to encourage college students of any age in contributing to Free Open Source Software (FOSS) projects.

Joomla's GSoC team helps in Joomla's Participation with GSoC Program, we are team of volunteers where each person has a dedicated role, and all of us work towards developing features during the summer which help in improving Joomla. Each project being implemented for Joomla! Has Mentors who help/guide college students to achieve the goal.


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Joomla Accessibility Team (JAT) Official


Joomla translates to All Together, and this feeling of unity is one of our core beliefs. Inclusion is in our heart, and as a community, we do our best to accept and welcome everyone. Accessibility is the study and practice of how to best include people, regardless of technology or ability.

Our mission

Our main goal is to make all the Joomla Properties, the CMS, Framework and Portal, compliant with the WCAG 2.0 AA standard, a set of rules that make sure all aspects of a website or platform is Accessible for people with disabilities.

Beyond that, we will mobilize and work with extension and template providers to make all parts of the Joomla ecosystem accessible. By providing the CMS and Framework as a fully accessible foundation, as well as providing tools and information for the standards and processes, we hope to make Joomla, as a whole, a beacon for accessibility in the world.


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Joomla X Team (JXWG) Official

Joomla! X Working Groups umbrella. Voluntary but not without responsibilities and consequences. The Joomla! X Working Group is dedicated to people contributing to making a minimal viable product for Joomla! X that will be the best contemporary CMS with a cutting edge architecture and one of a kind user experience


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Joomla! Event Traveller Programme Team (JET) Official

The JET Programme is an initiative that was created to support active project volunteers and community members who have dedicated time and energy to make Joomla better; and who would like to attend larger Joomla events, such as J and Beyond and the Joomla! World Conference.

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Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team (VET) Official

This group is focused on the 3 Rs (Recognition, Retention, Recruitment) for Joomla! 



  • Recruitment
  • Implement processes for easy onboarding of new volunteers
  • Connect them into the Joomla structure and to the different teams

  • Lookout for new potential team members inside the community

  • Talk and connect to first time contributors on our platforms

  • Lookout for potential members outside the community

  • Reach out to other open source communities, blogs etc. like

  • Provide starter guides, documentation and more and make that visible!

  • Get in contact with potential members at events (Joomla ones and outside)
  • Recognition, reward and honour volunteers.

  • Retention, keeping volunteers.



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Joomla! World Conference Team (JWC) Official

Joomla World Conference Team is a standing team organizing the JWC each year. The goal is to be a relevant event that tries to empower local and regional areas and to try and bridge them into the global community.

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Legal Working Group Unofficial

Joomla! is the worlds 2nd largest Content Management System. The Joomla software is purely Open Source (GPL v2.0) created by volunteers from around the world. As an all-volunteer non-profit organization, Joomla is managed through working groups staffed by members of the Joomla Community.

The Legal Working Group is tasked with helping the Board sustain the legal health of the project. This includes licensing of the business and the software, deal making and contracting, risk management and resolving claims and disputes. While the tasks are infrequent, when we have issues we need a variety of resources from business people that can help negotiate and review contracts, to volunteers with legal training that provide assistance in minimizing our formal legal costs, particularly in countries other than the U.S..

This working group is organized in two sub-teams. One being Contributors located around the world that will be on-call to assist us with document translations and learning about local business customs and regulations. The other sub-team are Members that are willing to meet regularly and devote hours each month to actively participating in forming legal relationships, contracting and monitoring legal compliance.


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Marketing Team Official

The purpose of the Marketing Team is to raise awareness of Joomla! within the Joomla community, and around the world.

Have an Idea for Marketing or need help with a project? Submit a request here :



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New Media Manager Team (NMM) Unofficial

The mission of this team is to improve the existing media manager with modern technologies and new features.

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Resource Directory Team (JRD) Official

The Joomla! Resources Directory (JRD) exists to help you locate professional service providers so you can connect and do more with your Joomla! CMS. Browse through approved listings by category to find a Registered provider or use the search to find someone near you, or. All Registered Providers go through a thorough Approval Process to ensure the viability of each listing. Search Tips.

To build this Directory, we have depended upon the volunteer contributions of a dedicated team and software developers across the world.

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Security Strike Team (JSST) Official

This team is for experienced Joomla users and developers who want to help test and fix reported security issues.

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Showcase Directory Team (JSD) Official

A showcase of Joomla sites to give potential Joomla users an idea about Joomla & possible use.

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Social Media Team Official

Team that looks after the communication via social media channels.

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Template Directory Team (JTD) Official

[in development] The Joomla Template Directory will be a place for users to find Joomla templates.

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Trademark & Licensing Team Official

The Trademark and Licensing team manages defending Joomla-related trademarks and licensing the Joomla Community to use the Joomla! name and brandmark in their domain name and on their websites.

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User Groups Team (JUG) Official

We maintain and support a directory of all local Joomla! User Groups that are being organised by the community to meet Joomla! users in real life to share Joomla! knowledge.  

We support and advise Joomla! User Group Organisers.

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User Research & Strategy Working Group Unofficial

This Working Group is involved in doing User research both of the Joomla community members as well as the wider Joomla Market (Users using Joomla) in order to draw meaningful conclusions and frame strategies for the Joomla Project. 

These strategic inputs are meant to better align the work being done in Joomla - from people working on the Product to those working with the community and on Marketing.

In order to achieve its mission, this working group is looking for volunteers. Contact us at marketing[at] to join and help.


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Volunteers Portal Team Official

The Volunteer Portal Team is responsible for the Joomla Volunteer Portal.

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Webmasters Team Official

We're the group that look after the Joomla! websites. Fixing broken links, website issues and other things that just aren't right with the websites. Submit your issue on GitHub:


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Workflow Project Team Official

Work on the Workflow Component for Joomla 4

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