Automated Testing Team (ATT) Official

The ATT tries to improve the quality of the Joomla CMS and all its surrounding software, including that of third party developers. We try to do this by using automated tools to run tests, check codestyle and other requirements, as well as automatic dependency updates. We develop our own tools to help in this where necessary and document all of this to provide extension developers help in finding good setups which work for them. The longterm goal is always to increase the quality of the software and its releases and to reduce the work necessary to get there.

The team has many diverse tasks, from writing unit- and systemtests as well as deployment tools like Joomla-Browser and Jorobo, to configuring and deploying third party tools and setting up our own servers for testing purposes. If you are interested in phpUnit, Codeception, Drone CI, phpcs, renovatebot or, this team is the place for you.

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Bug Squad (JBS) Official

The purpose of the Joomla! Bug Squad is to reduce the number of bugs in Joomla.

Learn more about the Bug Squad on our portal!

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Capital Team Official

The Capital Team manages all business level partnerships and financial sponsorships of the Joomla Project as well as the banner advertising on our web sites.


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Certification Team (JCP) Official

The Joomla! Certification Program Team is made up of Joomlers working on Operations and Marketing, or the Certification Platform and exams.

Operations and Marketing volunteers: connect with interested trainers, Joomla! Learning Partners (JLP), JoomlaDays, Joomla! User Groups (JUGs) and Exam Supervisors. In addition to supporting the Joomla! Certification Program with marketing and communication, we answer questions about the certification process, and by providing contracts for exam hosts. We welcome open dialogue with the community to get feedback on the Joomla! Certification.

Platform and Exam volunteers: are responsible for the various Joomla! certification exams, starting with defining knowledge areas for each exam, creating questions and answers for these exams in English, and coordinating the translation of the exams into the various different languages.  We are also responsible for maintaining the certification platform, which consists of Exam Delivery, Learning Partners Dashboard, Payments, Enrollment and maintaining the directory of Certified Users. We monitor the exam results and update the questions and/or answers and handle the feedback from exam candidates.

For more information over the Joomla Certification Program 


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CMS Maintenance Team Official

This team is responsible for reviewing all patches submitted to the Joomla! CMS, merging patches into the code base, and ensuring that the high standards of Joomla are maintained at all times.


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CMS Release Team Official

This team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of Joomla! CMS releases. Also, one main task is to test CMS release candidates extensively on complex testing environments.


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Community Magazine Team (JCM) Official

The JCM highlights the contributions of community volunteers, and provides information about different opportunities to support the Joomla! project and its community.

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Community Sites Team Official

The Joomla Community site (CJO) is the website which holds various services and information for the community.
Topics like; News, Events Directory, User Groups Directory, Service Providers Directory, Newsletters, Sponsoring and many other things.

This team is responsible for all assets within this website as well for the site.
The team consists of direct members and from other teams, who use a part of the different sites.


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Documentation Team (JDocs) Official

The Documentation Team is part of the Production Department. Our team handles creating and maintaining all the official Joomla! documentation. This includes documentation for end-users, administrators, third-party developers and administrator Help Screens. Additionally, the team also maintains
Our primary focus is You DO NOT need to be a member of this team to contribute to JDocs, it is a wiki. If you can improve something on JDocs, please create an account and contribute.


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Educational Outreach (JEO) Working Group

The mission of the Joomla Educational Outreach Working Group is:

To be a hub of teaching tools and resources for those who want to teach and learn Joomla around the world

To achieve our mission we need volunteers that will help us to Entice. Engage. Educate.

In order to devote our team's efforts to a successful launch of Joomla 4, we have decided to pause the work of the Educational Research Working Group, since the members are active in other teams across the Joomla Project.

Joomla is a volunteer effort, and we need all hands to move the project forward.  If you want to be a part of this working group, or any part of the Joomla Project, please use the contact tab below.

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Events Team Official

Oversees approvals and publishing of JoomlaDays, Joomla User Groups and related official global Joomla events.

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Extensions Directory Team (JED) Official

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) is the website where Joomla users can find free and paid extensions for Joomla.

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Forum Team Official

Website for technical Joomla support by community to other community members

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Joomla Accessibility and Usability Team (JAT) Official


Joomla translates to All Together, and this feeling of unity is one of our core beliefs. Inclusion is in our heart, and as a community, we do our best to accept and welcome everyone.

Accessibility is a cornerstone of inclusive design, ensuring that products and services are usable by everyone, including those with disabilities. Joomla's philosophy of "All Together" reflects a commitment to this inclusivity, fostering a sense of unity and belonging within the community. By prioritizing accessibility, Joomla not only adheres to ethical design principles but also expands its user base, embracing a diverse spectrum of individuals and their unique needs.

Our mission

Our main goal is to make Joomla (the CMS and the websites of the organisation) compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 standard AA level. Beyond that, we are commited to improve the usability of Joomla following the principles of clarity and simplicity, consistency and feedback.


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Joomla Translation Program Team (JTP) Official

The Joomla Translation Program Team coordinates and supervises the work of hundreds of volunteers globally that translate the Joomla CMS, the official websites, documentation and marketing materials into many different languages.

Check the Joomla! Documentation website for more information
Get started helping with translations by signing up to the Joomla! Crowdin workspace at


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Joomla User Groups Team (JUG) Official

We maintain and support a directory of all local Joomla! User Groups that are being organised by the community to meet Joomla! users in real life to share Joomla! knowledge.  

We support and advise Joomla! User Group Organisers.

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Joomla! Optimisation Team (JOT) Working Group

The tasks of the Joomla!-SEO (alias: JOT) team are:

  • to support the Joomla! project in ensuring that the official websites we own and manage are properly optimised

  • to assist with identifying existing problems and developing strategies for addressing them

  • to monitor relevant SEO metrics

  • to support teams with planning new web-based projects, migrations and campaigns

  • to provide guidance in SEO-related matters relevant to the Joomla! CMS and its properties

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Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team (VET) Official

The VET focuses on the 3 Rs: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition of volunteers

The role of the Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team (VET) is to provide the Joomla Community with a pleasant, welcoming and healthy environment in which to contribute and share our passion for Joomla!

When volunteers are happy and appreciated and they have access to the necessary knowledge and tools (both software and processes) they should feel more motivated and in turn become more productive. The VET, by supporting volunteers and the teams, strives to assist the Joomla Community to accomplish more, leading to improving the long-term stability and success of the Joomla! Project.

The VET aim to achieve the above mission by focussing on three primary areas: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition.

Read the VET Vision, Mission and Goals

By focussing on these three areas, the Volunteer Engagement Team aims to continuously deliver services to the entire Joomla community to improve communications, processes and performance across all parts of the Joomla community.

If you would like more information on contributing to Joomla, joining VET or to provide feedback on the VET mission, values and goals statement above, please contact the VET via email at

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Marketing Local Community Liaison Working Group

Liaison between the Joomla Marketing Team and the local communities to increase awareness and communication. You want to become the liaison for your community? Contact us at marketing[at]

What does being a 'liaison' mean?

It's easy, the liaison will receive, prior publishing, most Joomla Official Communication and materials. They will be informed of upcoming marketing plans. In that way, they can translate the resources and publish them at the same time as Joomla Official Properties to raise awareness in their country.

It allows also to improve communication between jorg and our local communities.

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Marketing Team Official

Join the Joomla Marketing Team!

Use your marketing skills to help us promote Joomla.

Join the Joomla family now!

If you have some experience in a marketing environment and a little bit of time available to contribute, then we need your help. No matter how much of your time you can dedicate to Joomla, we would love to have you use your skills in marketing and help us promote the most incredible CMS.

Do you have skills in defining and managing brands or managing marketing campaigns? Can you produce marketing and promotional materials and create content optimised for search engines? Can you monitor and manage social media channels or maybe act as media liaison? Maybe you can produce effective internal communications, or you have experience in conducting customer and market research.

Then don’t hesitate, contact us and become a member today!

If you have any of the above skills (or other marketing skills that are not listed above) please contact us using the link below to let us know a bit about yourself and we will help you get plugged into the marketing team that best matches your skills.

Hesitating because you don’t have ANY of these skills but still want to help let everyone in the world know how great Joomla is? No worries! Contact us anyway, tell us about what you do best, and we will definitely find the best team for you to join.

Even though this is the Marketing Team webpage, keep in mind that Joomla needs help with translating, team management, coding, and other basic web-type-stuff tasks that you might be able to help. And if marketing is something you really like, we will even help you learn some of the skills that fit with the marketing process.

(To find where you fit in the Marketing Team please visit our team area at and have a look at the different roles)

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Security Strike Team (JSST) Official

This team is for experienced Joomla users and developers who want to help test and fix reported security issues.

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Social Media Team Official

Team that looks after the communication via social media channels.

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Software Architecture & Strategy Team (SA&S) Official

Software Architecture & statgegy is a voting production department team
The best argument that can be made for “Software architecture & Strategy” ( “SA&S” ) came from one of the production teams leads.

“That is not how we develop software, we do not need it..”

Software architecture - Wikipedia*

Looking back Joomla has failed to be successful in putting out consistent quality or “approved” code (i.e UCM, Tags, Custom Fields). Typically development starts when somebody feels that there is an itch to scratch, Then at the time of a pull request some other developer with the same itch will comment and possibly things have changed around (as with custom fields).

Worst case the changes go in “unnoticed” and we end up complaining afterwards (as with tags). The end result is we have frustrated developers that feel their time was wasted or an unhappy community wrt a sub par implementation of a feature.

Feedback on pull requests is always valuable, everybody's effort is appreciated and the mechanism should be cherished. There is however a way that we can improve on this, whilst lowering frustration and increasing professionalism.

If we look to professional software development in the industry a reference is always made  to architecture, the blueprint for how functionality is to be added/modified and with what constraints. Software architecture helps to reduce the chance of failure and minimise risk*. The architecture view is the helicopter overview he is not typically the developer.

If we use a comparison to a building and its associated architecture, the architect is not a mason, plumber or electrician ( he might have been in the past). They architect defines framework for the foundations and layout that is built on top whilst estimating how much of what (bricks, cement, etc) needs to go where. Architecture and Strategy go hand in hand in that comparison as the size of the plot and the strength of the foundation laid on top of it is the cornerstone of future strategy.

Joomla lacks a “body” of developers that the production department can turn to for questions on architecture and support. Joomla also lacks a body that has the skillset to structurally review larger functional improvements such as workflow and a rewrite of tags. It lacks a body to lay out a technical foundation for the future. Having this body to reference would help the developer implement the best possible solution by having an “encyclopedia” of knowledge to go to when it comes to major decisions.

That advantage of having a body of people, instead of an individual, to advise would also mitigate the point of individual criticism. `I discard what person ABC says because he's always…. Having a body to advise/help should also help continuity as knowledge and history should be anchored in that body and not in the head of a single individual.

Having a balanced group shall also ensure a balance between a “hacked” and “theoretical” architecture approach.

The architecture and strategy team shall play an advisory role within the production department.

Its actions can be triggered from within the group itself or from de production department. Its focus is explicitly technical.
Overall project strategy is more than technical, Joomla’s roadmap should consider more than technology alone, for example marketing.  There is no structural way of doing that yet, that's a discussion at another level. A representative of SA&S should take part in that, but requests should always flow through the Production Department.

For sure there will be challenges to overcome because for the lack of a better word we are a collection of ego’s, both inside such a body as in the developer community. Careful and Mindful communication would be key!

It is proposed to rebrand Joomla!X to “Software Architecture & Strategy”, there is a 90% overlap in goals. The big difference being the lack of coding and explicit focus on advice.

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Trademark & Licensing Team Official

The Trademark and Licensing team manages defending Joomla-related trademarks and licensing the Joomla Community to use the Joomla! name and brandmark in their domain name and on their websites.

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User Research & Strategy Working Group

This Working Group conducts Market and User research - both of Joomla community members as well as the wider market - in order to provide meaningful data to guide strategies and decision making for Joomla as a whole as well as for individual Joomla teams.

In order to achieve its mission, this working group is looking for volunteers. Contact us at marketing [at] to join and help.


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