Accessibility team (A11yTeam)

We are the team of Joomla! experts that also know how to advise, test and give recommendations around accessibility for other working groups and help give direction in regards to accessibility for the project.

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Automated Testing Working Group

This team focuses on improving the Quality of Joomla CMS software and creating learning material about "how to automatically test" joomla CMS and its extensions. Keywords: unit, system, acceptance, integration, codeception, behat, mink,

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Bug Squad (JBS)

For further information see the Bug Squad page and Bug Squad Portal:

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Capital Team

The Capital Team is a sub working group of Open Source Matters and manages all business level partnerships and financial sponsorship of the Joomla Project. The Capital Team also manages the Joomla Shop (

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Certification Exam Team

This group is responsible for all the different Certifications (Administrator, Developer…) Defining the areas for the role. Creating the questions for the tests in English, Spanish and other languages. Plan for internationalization of the program.

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Certification Marketing Team

We have the pleasure to support the Joomla! Certification Program with marketing and communication. Our team will be having an ongoing dialogue with the community to get feedback on the Joomla! Certification.

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Certification Operations Team (COT)

Do the liaison for interested trainers, Joomla! Learning Partners (JLP), Joomladays, Joomla User Groups and Supervisors answering questions about the certification process, providing contracts, etc. This is the main outreach team, once the certification is launched.

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Certification Platform Team

The Certification Platform Team is responsible to create and maintain the certification platform which consist of Exam Delivery, Learning Partners Dashboard, Payments, Enrollment and maintaining directory of Certified Users.

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CMS Maintenance Team

This team is responsible for reviewing all patches submitted to the Joomla! CMS, merging patches into the code base, and ensuring that the high standards of Joomla are maintained at all times.

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CMS Release Team

This team is responsible for coordinating all aspects of Joomla! CMS releases.

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Distribution Working Group

The Distribution Working Group is focused on making sure that all channels distributing Joomla - download pages, hosting companies offering Joomla SaaS services, template companies with quickstart packages etc. - are providing the latest Joomla! versions within their major releases.

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Documentation Working Group (JDOCs)

The Documentation Working Group is a standing team of people dedicated to improving Joomla's documentation. This includes both user and developer documentation. Our primary focus is this wiki, but we are also responsible for maintaining and other resources.


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en-GB User Interface Text Working Group

The official language of Joomla is en-GB and yet the actual strings we use have been created, over 10 years, many by people who are not native en-GB speakers. Establish official style guidelines for writing en-GB strings. Ensure consistency throughout Joomla. Provide translation teams with an easy framework and guidelines to create their own style guides. The style guide is a living document that may be updated and added to over time as the need arises. The style guide will be maintained by native en-GB speakers.

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Events Team

Oversees approvals and publishing of JoomlaDays, Joomla User Groups and related official global Joomla events.

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Extensions Directory Team (JED)

The Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) is the website where Joomla users can find free and paid extensions for Joomla.

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Finance Team (FiT)

The Finance Team is responsible for managing the finances of the Joomla project including budgets, accounting, oversight, and policy.

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Forum Team

Website for technical Joomla support by community to other community members

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Framework Working Group

This team is responsible for maintaining the Joomla Framework.

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Governance Working Group (GWG)

The Governance Working Group works at analyzing and creating input for future changes to our overall structure and processes.

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Issue Tracker Team (JIssues)

This team is responsible for the development and maintenance of Joomla's Issue Tracking system.

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Joomla User Groups Team (JUG)

A directory of all local Joomla User Groups that are being organized by the community to meet Joomla users in real life to share Joomla knowledge.

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Joomla X Working Group (J4WG)

Joomla 4 working groups umbrella. Voluntary but not without responsibilities and consequences. The Joomla4 working group is dedicated to people contributing to making a minimal viable product for Joomla4 that will be the best contemporary CMS with a cutting edge architecture and one of a kind user experience


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Joomla! Community Magazine Team (JCM)

Published monthly, the JCM highlights the contributions of community volunteers, and provides information about different opportunities to support the Joomla! project and its community. Full list of past & present Authors:

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Joomla! Event Traveller Programme Team (JET)

The JET Programme is an initiative that was created to support active project volunteers and community members who have dedicated time and energy to make Joomla better; and who would like to attend larger Joomla events, such as J and Beyond and the Joomla! World Conference.

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JUG Directory Working Group

The JUG Directory Working Group is tasked with developing the new JUG directory, which will feature on The directory is a core part of our community, allowing people to find local like-minded Joomlers to meet up with, share their knowledge and passion for Joomla, and learn more from each other. The current directory has been in existence for some time, and is no longer fit for purpose. This team will review the project briefs from the JUG team and the wider JUG Organiser community, with a view to planning, designing, developing and implementing a new JUG Directory.

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Marketing Team (MWG)

The purpose of the Marketing Working Group (MWG) is to raise awareness of the Joomla CMS and Framework within the Joomla community, and around the world.

Have an Idea for Marketing

Need help with a project? Submit a request

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Mobile Apps Team

The Mobile Apps working group is dedicated to people contributing to support mobile web-enabled and native applications for Joomla that will be the best "mobile-first" CMS.

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Resource Directory Team (JRD)

A directory of Joomla companies and service providers that can be contacted for commercial support.

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Revista de la comunidad Joomla! (JCMÑ)

La Revista de la Comunidad Joomla!™ es la versión en español de la Joomla! Community Magazine™. Es una publicación mensual con contenidos independientes, 100% en español para la comunidad hispano hablante.

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Security Strike Team

This team is for experienced Joomla users and developers who want to help test and fix reported security issues.

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SEO Team (SEO)

The vision for the SEO team is: To support the Joomla project in ensuring that the official websites we own and manage are properly optimised To assist with identifying existing problems and developing strategies for addressing them To monitor relevant SEO metrics To support teams with planning new web-based projects, migrations and campaigns To provide guidance in SEO-related matters relevant to the Joomla CMS

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Showcase Directory Team (JSD)

A showcase of Joomla sites to give potential Joomla users an idea about Joomla & possible use.

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Social Media Team

Working group that looks after the communication via social media channels. Experience and what they think the strategy

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SQL Optimization Working Group

In the SQL optimization working group we are mainly focused on the above mentioned fact. Our vision is to provide the community a faster way in which the CMS interacts with the DB by reducing the database management system based overheads.

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