By Carlos Cámara on 2020-02-19 18:08 in Joomla Accessibility Team

Atendeess: Carlos Cámara (Team Leader), Donato Matturro (Member), Marco Dings (Member), Stefan Wajda (Member), Berges Yannick (Contributor), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Contributor), Vito Disimino (Contributor), Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall (OSM President), Luca Marzo (OSM Secretary), Armen Mnatsian (Contributor)

Apologies: Davide Messia (Member), Justyna Michallek (Assistant Team Leader), Harald (Deparment coordinator), Lukas Jardin (Contributor), Ray Selby (Contributor)

Discussion outline

  • Presentation from new team leader for JAT - Carlos Cámara Mora
  • Team leader requests team members for an assistant team leader. Some members appoints we already have one, but we need to confirm she is still insterested in helding the position
  • We agreed into adding current active contributors as team members. Team leaders is going to privately ask members not attending this meeting about their current involment
  • After current team leader request, former team leader shared all documentation from the group
  • Team leader expresses the need to focus in Joomla 4 accessibility issues and Restart JAT - I&D subteam. Members are actively working on the issues, and auditing changes to be on top of them.
  • Team leader will review documentation provided and start taking actions

Next Meeting

No meeting was scheduled, but we will meet in about 2 weeks.