By Carlos Cámara on 2020-05-07 13:55 in Joomla Accessibility Team

This report is the  result of a new workflow to handle issues and discussions in the team and it's been worked from April 15th till april 30th.

Participants: Carlos Cámara (Team Leader), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Contributor), Vito Disimino (Contributor), Davide Messia (Member), Stefan Wajda (Member)


New workflow

Team meetings have been handled in Glip written chat since some time ago to accomodate them to everyone and give every team member the chance to express their opinions. But this way of handling discussions in meetings had some issues:

  • Written discussion usually takes longer than verbal communication
  • It's difficult to follow up different topics in the same conversation as Glip chat does not offer any way of threading  discussions
  • Some topics need a good understanding  of the issue and cannot be discussed inmediately in a meeting.

In  this new workflow, at the beginning of each month,  a new document agenda will be offered to members with the topics that need our attention  and we will comment on those topics directly on the document (or in Github).

New Assistant Team Leader

Davide Messia is the new Assistant Team Leader.

Highlight the importance of A11y in Joomla Homepage

Donato is contacting Marketing Team to provide some suggestions about highlighting A11y in Joomla in our website.

Explore the possibility of some A11y sponsors and partners

Donato is contacting Capital Team to check how we can get some sponsors and partners related to A11y to the project.

One possibility will be appearing in the GAAD Italy event website which takes place in May.

Participation in GAAD Italy

We will participate in GAAD Italy on Saturday May 23rd. Luca will give a keynote at 9:30 and after that at 11:30 we will have presentation more specific on Accesibility in Joomla. Carlos Cámara will introduce  Donato and Vito in a 10 minute talk and they will speak  about accesibility in Joomla 4.

Define a test report model for the team

We are exploring the possibility of defining a test report model for team members to use and test and have a standard way to meet Accesibility.

Stefan has provided  some nice tests and documentation we need to work with.

Freeze subteams

We do not have enough people to handle all the subteams and also we need more a11y savvy on board so the only subteam that will remain active is Implementation

Starting work on Cassiopeia A11y

We have started to discuss A11y in Cassiopeia and so far we have seen some  issues with page structure. We are working on a proper and documented issue.

Using alt property in CSS

Harald brought to our attention the possibility of using the alt tag in content injected through css. After some discussion we concluded it's not a good practice in  any case as it's not correctly addressed by all devices so it's better to avoid it in Joomla.

Github issues discussed in April