By Carlos Cámara on 2020-10-02 11:13 in Joomla Accessibility Team

Date: September 28

Atendeess: Carlos Cámara (Team Leader), Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Contributor), Vito Disimino (Contributor), Hans Kuijpers (Member), Donato Matturro (Member), Hans Kuijpers (Member), Stefan Wajda (Member), Luca Marzo (OSM Secretary)

Apologies: Davide Messia (Assistant Team Leader), Justyna Michallek (Member), Marco Dings (Department coordinator), Armen Mnatsian (Contributor)


Request to Social Media Team to write more accessible posts

TL has contacted Social Media team requesting to pay attention to some A11y guidelines from here: . They accepted the recommendation gladly.

JAT magazine articles

Last month Donato and Vito coordinated the 2part on the J3 Accessible resources series and they will work on the new article for next magazine issue. Last month all the team suggested resources and Donato and Vito could write a much better article. We will do the same for next issue.

New possible contributors

We keep seeking for testers and people who want to contribute to A11y in Joomla. We have 2 possible contributors and we will add them to the team as contributors.

Status of A11y in Cassiopeia

Hans and Christiane reported they keep working on making Cassiopeia more accessible and they have found some issues related to the core itself and not to the frontend template. We need more testers for Cassiopeia.

A11y issues of Workflow component

No updates on this report so we will try to get a push this month.

A11y online events

We mentioned the latest A11y events around the world:

Both worth attending and keep learning.

Test report model

We discussed about the test report model we are trying to set up so that we can offer an easy starting point for testers and bugs and fun participants to test A11y. We do think it’s not a perfect solution but hopefully it will at least raise awareness and help people find more A11y issues.

Some issues we have been working on