By Viviana Menzel on 2021-06-24 13:37 in Joomla Accessibility Team

Atendeess: Christiane Maier-Stadtherr (Team Leader), Viviana Menzel (Assistant Team Leader), Benjamin Trenkle (Release Lead J 4.1)

Apologies: Carlos Camara Mora, Vito Disimino (Member), Angie Radtke (Advisor), Donato Matturro (Member), Alessandro Lumaca (Contributor), Stefan Wajda (Member), Hans Kuijpers (Member), Robin Clapp (Member), Justyna Michallek (Member), Luca Marzo (Liaison), Marco Dings (Department coordinator)

A Doc “JAT Team 2021” with our goals for the next time will be published in the production teams folder.

Documentation must be reviewed:

  • What is in Joomla documentation for accessibility?
  • What can be transferred from JAT documentation to Joomla docs
  • Documentation for J4 accessibility must be done
  • The Accessibility Plugin is important for marketing - Documentation is necessary (High .priority)

We will reach out to Mike Brandner for cooperation

Open a11y issues

  • As per today we have 17 issues labelled as a11y
  • And 2 PRs, but we should check all PRs involving views to avoid a11y problems
  • Our goal is - starting from 4.0 stable, to approve all issues and PRs which are related to views (problem will be, as for everything, lack of resources)


  • Kumar Shivam is working on issues and creating a plugin for keyboard shortcuts

Next Meeting: Thursday, July 1st