By Justyna Michallek on 2018-06-03 22:33 in Joomla Accessibility and Usability Team

Date: 30th May 2018

Time: 19:30 UTC - 21:30 UTC

Attendees: Armen Mnatsian, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Justyna Michallek, Ray Selby, Stefan Wajda, Yair Lahav, Marco Dings.

Agenda For the Meeting:

  1. JAT leadership changes

  2. New JAT workflow - introduction

Ad. 1 JAT leadership changes

Team leader Armen Mnatsian decided to resign from managing the team and gave reasons for his decision. He is not able to contribute as a team leader because of lack of time and personal circumstances. The participants of the meeting thanked Armen for his contribution to the Joomla Accessibility Team. The new team leader is Yair Lahav. He will lead the team from now on.

Ad. 2 New JAT workflow

The second part of the meeting was the discussion on the new JAT workflow.

The aim of the new JAT workflow is to noticeably improve the effectiveness of the Team. This is based on defining the goals and building the proper workflow to achieve goals.

A lot of work has been done so far. But we are not making enough progress.

Stefan Wajda, Justyna Michallek and Ray Selby, based on the results of SPRINT in Cologne, developed a proposal for a new JAT workflow.

  1. The group first goal is to improve the accessibility of Joomla 4.

  2. We need to define small packages of tasks in order to be able to manage them easily.

  3. Our way to define work packages is to systematically decompose the Joomla system to extract key objects, sets of objects, functionalities, page types.

  4. The results of the analysis is shared in an online excel sheet. This is a ongoing document.

  5. Based on the decomposition of the system, we determine the accessibility problems. Testing may be helpful, but it is not necessary. We simply have to consider every element and check its accessibility.

  6. Stefan Wajda is preparing a sample of such an analysis, based on the J4 Control Panel.

There is a document describing the workflow. It's an open vision that needs a comment. We invite all JAT Members to read it and put their comments there. We will discuss the JAT Workflow on the next team meeting, 04.06.2018.

Christiane Maier-Stadtherr gave her feedback based on the document:

  1. It is not a workflow but a statement in the first part. we should have two documents. We must have a document which we can give out to new team members, without the "history"

  2. There can be a problem with excel sheet. In the whole Joomla project, everything is made as an issue. Why don’t we write issues for every bug we see? I know that this does not look very structured at the first moment. Excel sheets are not accepted by the team members and it might cause problems.

Ray Selby shared his doubts about the Joomla decomposition method. As a developer he would rather prefer decomposition based on components (functionalities), not on page types. All agreed that we should test any of options and see which way is better and more effective.

Marco Dings offered himself to become JAT liaison. All the rest attendees gratefully accepted this offer.

At the end of the meeting Armen Mnatsian presented his answer to the question: “what are the most important parts which are needed to do now and some before Q3 2018?”. The list of his suggestions:


  1. Ask/Request for new features for Joomla 4 before Q3 2018, so it would be implemented.

  2. Working on work packages, new workflow.

  3. Testing and reporting accessibility issues for Joomla 4 Alpha and making a work package for this.

  4. Volunteers: Involving French community for accessibility, there are seven new volunteers after JoomlaDay France. From c3rb, Mikael, Stéphane Longeaux and Samuel Vatier. From com3elles, Céline Robert, Yannick Berges and the student Baptiste. Bernard Bass know in Glip as Zer00 CooL. These are very important people, try to engage them. They are waiting for work.