By Hannes Papenberg on 2019-08-15 19:43 in Automated Testing Team

Scheduled length of time: 120 minutes

Participants: David Jardin, Hannes Papenberg, Harald Leithner, Jelle Kok, Puneet Kala, Robert Deutz, Tito Alvarez

Agenda Items

  1. Reports

  2. Sprint

  3. com_patchtester

  4. Extending tests


For the joomla/joomla-cms:4.0-dev repository, we have the following changes:

  • The codestyle has been updated to phpcs 3

  • composer.json/package.json are validated now

  • Tests for MySQL8 compatibility have been added

  • Integration tests have been added as stub

  • Tests have been updated to current codestyle as well

  • Due to our CI, some PHP7.4/8.0 incompatibilities have been fixed


Further reports:

  • The documentation for the systemtests has been improved, but stability issues are hard to replicate.

  • The tasks for Unit-/Integration-/JS-tests, as well as processing other repositories are still open.

  • We are going to get a bunch of machines to extend our CI infrastructure. The details are still being discussed. Harald would setup the machines.


For the upcoming PBF in October, we are going to do a sprint in Essen at the Unperfekthaus from the 11th to the 13th. The goal is to prepare our CI system to handle the PBFand to support the Patchtester Component.

Patchtester Component

Joomla 4 has steps to compile assets (composer and npm) and the Patchtester component does not support that (yet). The idea is, that our CI system is compiling these assets and provides them via some API to the Patchtester component.

Extending tests

Please try to create tests to extend our testsuites.