By Puneet Kala on 2015-12-12 00:00 in Automated Testing Team

Meeting Date: Wednesday 9th December, 2015

Meeting Attended by: 

Puneet Kala, Javier Gomez, Kshitij Sharma, Roger Abt, Yves Hoppe


Michael Babker, Niels Braczek, Robert Deutz, Tristan Bailey, Viktor Vogel, Michiel Verhoef, Jack Raknailuang, Valerie Isaksen, Dalpat Singh, Victor Escobar, Tito Alvarez, Milton Bryant, Roland Dalmulder, David Jardin, Prital Patel

Previous meeting report:


Topics Covered in the meeting:  


## Welcomes and See you laters

Group welcomed our new memeber Prital Patel from Gujarat, India. Prital gave her introduction after the meeting. 

We all thanked Hervé Boinnard for his time with the group, he will be in our honour roll from now.


## Testing Code Sprint

Compelte summary about the work done during the Code Sprint has been published in Joomla! Magazine.


## Status of Selenium System Tests at Joomla

Puneet, Javier, Kshitij need to work on a strategy to move all the current tests in Selenium to Codeception. 


## JoomlaBrowser

A lot of new commits done during the code sprint, Joomla! Browser already download 11242 times on packagist


## Documentation (Javier, Kshitij and Valerie)

Documentation at needs to be updated with the latest changes at


## QA Scripts (Code Style) and others at Jorobo project

Jorobo is a new Tool and Task based on to manage Joomla Extension Development and Releases. It was created during the Code Sprint and is in Alpha stages.:


## Next meeting

18th Automated Testing Team Meeting

Date & Time

Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM