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wednesday 13th of January


Meeting was attended by: Javier Gomez, Puneet Kala, Jelle Kok, Niels Braczek,

Absent:   Kshitij Sharma, Roger Abt, Yves Hoppe, Michael Babker, Robert Deutz, Tristan Bailey, Viktor Vogel, Michiel Verhoef, Jack Raknailuang, Valerie Isaksen, Dalpat Singh, Victor Escobar, Tito Alvarez, Milton Bryant, Roland Dalmulder, David Jardin, Prital Patel



Previous meeting report: 



Topics Covered in the Meeting: 


## Welcomes and See you laters

no changes


## Testing Code Sprint

Waiting for budget. 


## Status of Selenium System Tests at Joomla (Kshitij & Puneet)

no updates


## Running system tests on Docker Containers (Tito, Robert) 

no updates


## JoomlaBrowser (12591 installs) about 1250 more than last meeting.


We need to finish this:, any takers? is linked to:


Pending pull:


## Selenium server standalone:

There is a problem with latest Selenium version giving issues in Linux and Mac but working on Windows. 


We are going to wait for the next release of Selenium to do the fix. Meanwhile, Windows users are asked to modify this line you should change this line

changing v2.47.1 for v2.48.2


and then run `composer install` in their command lines.


## Codeception tests for Weblinks

Missing tests for responsive screens:


## Codeception tests for Webservices (Javier)

We need to wait for API tests for updates at: (Joomla 3.6)


We have a request for to help moving this tests to PHPUnit or Codeception and 


## Documentation (Javier, Kshitij and Valerie)

Documentation at needs to be updated with the latest changes at 


## Unit Tests status

No updates


## Tests in Joomla 4

No updates


## QA Scripts (Code Style) and others at Jorobo project

Jorobo is a new Tool and Task based on to manage Joomla Extension Development and Releases. It was created during the Code Sprint and is in Alpha stages.:


Has pending pulls. Any takers?


## Next meeting

19th Automated Testing Team Meeting

Date & Time

Wed, Feb 3 at