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wednesday 3rd of February


Meeting was attended by: Javier Gomez, Puneet Kala, Jelle Kok, Niels Braczek, Kshitij Sharma, Yves Hoppe, Robert Deutz

Absent:  Roger Abt, Michael Babker, Tristan Bailey, Viktor Vogel, Michiel Verhoef, Jack Raknailuang, Valerie Isaksen, Dalpat Singh, Victor Escobar, Tito Alvarez, Milton Bryant, Roland Dalmulder, David Jardin, Prital Patel



Previous meeting report:



Topics Covered in the Meeting: 


## Welcomes and See you laters

no updates


## JandBeyond presentations related to testing

We would like that the members of the team that will participate at Jandbeyond event in Barcelona send presentations related to testing to JAB:


## JoomlaBrowser

No updates


## Selenium server standalone:

Jelle: now we support only Firefox, but i want also tests other browsers, like chrome,ie,Edge,opera and for those you need to have a webdriver


## Running tests in Docker

Some progress is being achieved by Niels at


Interesting: selenium/hub is available in multiple versions: Once the tests run in Docker, we can switch the composer package for that container


## Codeception tests for Weblinks

we need testers for, the new Selenium changes the way it clicks on elements and is raising issues (related

added Jelle’s idea of disabling joomla statistics

prepare for Joomla 3.5 changes:

Updated jorobo namespaces


## Codeception tests for Webservices (Javier)

no updates


## Documentation (Javier, Kshitij and Valerie)

no updates


## JoRobo and QA Scripts

Yves: we still have that deprecation warning in composer, because of greencape/joomla-cs, can we remove / replace that? 

Niels B.: should be a replacement for joomla-cs.

Javier: Could be a nice task to add an automatic checker of Code Style in Weblinks with



## Unit Tests status

Niels B.: The PHPUnit tests are moved to tests.phpunit, but still executed by travis. It costs too much effort to port them to CodeCeption.

Javier: we can leave then as pure PHPUnit, isn’t it?

Niels B.: Exactly


## Tests in Joomla 4

Niels B.: The PageObjects branch is made for unification of J!3 and J!4 acceptance tests. No other news.


## Status of Selenium System Tests at Joomla (Kshitij & Puneet)

No updates


## QA Scripts (Code Style) and others at Jorobo project

Updated namespaces in Jorobo:


Yves: i started putting some new features into jorobo (see yvesh/jorobo dev branch) .. Added option for ftp deploying built packages and started writing a robo task to add / update copyright headers.


## Google Summer Of Code


1) I wanted to inform that I am going to lead the Joomla! GSoC -2016 Team, considering the amount of time and focus it needs..I have decided to step down as group leader on Automation Working Group, I nominate Javier Gómez  as the new Group Leader

2) we have two project idea's coming from this group and 3 mentors I am really Happy. One of the Idea's was from Javier and Other from Niels 


anyone is the group would like to help in mentoring please let me know, we still need more people 


we will post idea's soon on our Idea's Wiki We are currently finalizing



## Next meeting

Next meeting will be planned for Wed 2nd March