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wednesday 6th of April


Meeting was attended by: Javier Gomez, Yves Hoppe, Niels Braczek, David Jardin, 

Absent:  Puneet Kala, Jelle Kok, Davide Messia,  Kshitij Sharma, Robert Deutz, Roger Abt, Michael Babker, Tristan Bailey, Viktor Vogel, Michiel Verhoef, Jack Raknailuang, Valerie Isaksen, Dalpat Singh, Victor Escobar, Tito Alvarez, Milton Bryant, Roland Dalmulder, Prital Patel, Ashan Fernando



Previous meeting report: 


Topics Covered in the Meeting: 


## Welcomes and See you laters

we welcome Ashan Fernando


## JandBeyond

Who will be attending: Javier Gomez, Yves Hoppe, Niels Braczek, David Jardin, Jelle Kok...


# Google Summer of Code 2016 (Puneet)

Students already sent their project applications. 

We have great proposals for PageObjects, Browser Testing, and JS testing.

We are now waiting for the final decision on available slots for the Joomla Organization in the GSoC 16.


Next big date will be 11. April when slots will be assigned and 22th of April when Accepted student proposals announced on the Google Summer of Code 2016 site.


## Running system tests on Docker Containers (Tito, Robert, Niels) 

Niels Braczek: I've played around with Docker-Vagrant combinations to ease the use on non-Linux systems, but there are a lot of issues (e.g., proxying URLs). I created some scenarios of different multi server configurations (incl. load balancing). mostly with CQRS in J!4 in mind.

- Scenario 1: Standard configuration

- Scenario 2: Separate databases for read and write access

- Scenario 3: Multiple read databases with load balancer

- Scenario 4: Multiple webservers with load balancer


## JoomlaBrowser  (16998 installs) about 2500 more than last meeting.


Javier Gómez: we still have pending several pulls  


I hope to find time to do the merges. Feel free to test them and add your comments.

Most of the pulls were done by our possible students for the Google summer of code

in combination with improvements sent to the Weblinks repo.



## Selenium server standalone:

Selenium was updated to 2.53.0  we still need to update Weblinks and other components using it.


Jelle’s pull adding drivers other than Firefox is still work in progress: 


## Codeception tests for Weblinks

Interesting updates coming to Codeception 2.2 that we could apply:  (Gherkin)


## Codeception tests for Webservices (Javier)

No updates


## Documentation (Javier, Kshitij and Valerie)

No updates


## Unit Tests status

No updates


## Tests in Joomla 4

Niels Braczek: All code in the current dev branch is covered. 


## Status of Selenium System Tests at Joomla (Kshitij & Puneet)

no updates


## QA Scripts (Code Style) and others at Jorobo project

There was one merge: 


We need testers for Jorobo pending pulls: 


## Next meeting

Wednesday 27 of April