By Private Profile 92fe67b0 on 2016-05-22 12:37 in Automated Testing Team

Yesterday afternoon several community members gather to participate at the Make It Happen session at JandBeyond event ( ).
The session was coordinated by Jelle Kok, Yves Hoppe and myself, Javier Gómez. The goal of the session was to help setting up the machines for testing of the new members of the team. And afterwards, the new members worked on creating their first acceptance tests for Joomla in small groups.
As a results more than 15 members joined the team. Members like: Allon Moritz, Juan Sánchez, Matias Aguirre, Francisco Javier Olivares, Pablo Arias, Robert Mittl, Marc Widmann, Chris Davenport , Hugh Douglas-Smith, Esteban Turcios, Philip Walton, Sigrid Gramlinger in between others. 
We had a lot of fun and the results were very productive. Here are some examples:
Screen Shot 2016 05 22 at 13.58.12
Around 10 pull request were created or processed in several Joomla repositories like or adding dozens of tests that will enhance the quality of our beloved CMS.
On the other side of the room we had a working group of smart developers including Yannick Gaultier, Tito Alvarez, Niels Braczek and Michael Bodnarchuk (the author of the Codeception testing framework).
The team is working on running the tests in parallel using Docker and Continuous Integration:




Thanks very much all for your participation and for making #Joomla happen.