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Wednesday, 29th of June 2016


Meeting was attended by: Javier Gomez, Niels Braczek, Yves Hoppe, Robert Deutz, Allon Moritz, Marc Widmann, Prital Patel, Guido de Gobbis, Tito Alvarez, Kshitij Sharma, Puneet Kala


Absent: Roger Abt, Tristan Bailey, Viktor Vogel, Michiel Verhoef, Jack Raknailuang, Valerie Isaksen, Dalpat Singh, Victor Escobar, Milton Bryant, Roland Dalmulder, David Jardin, Ashan Fernando, Davide Messia, Yannick Gaultier, Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe, Krys Nuvadga, Jelle Kok


Previous meeting report: 



Topics Covered in the Meeting: 


## Welcomes and See you laters

We welcome Guido de Gobbis and Ram Arjun


## Weblinks tests updates

Great progress thanks to Chris Davenport. Most issue and Pull Requests are now closed and we are near a new weblinks 3.6.0 version. We need more testers for the open PRs!  



## Google Summer of Code 2016 Testing projects

Browser automated testing (Prital Patel): 


Prital has written following backend scenarios of com_content using gherkin

* Create an Article

* Feature an Article

* Modify an article

* Unpublish an article

* Trash an article


Prital has written following backend scenario com_Users using gherkin

* Verify available tabs in com_users

* Create a add new user

* Edit user

* Block a User

* Unblock user

* Delete user

* Create super admin and login into the backend

* Create User without username fails

* Create group

* Edit group

* Delete Group

* Create ACL level

* Edit ACL

* Delete ACL

* User settings (Allow user registration)


Implementing all this scenarios in steps and pages object. 

Moving the joomla browser method into AcceptanceTester.php


## Current status

Currently Prital is working on writing the front-end scenario of com_users using gherkin. Here are the titles of those scenarios.


* Create user and login in the frontend (index.php?option=com_users)

* Create blocked user and try to login in the frontend

* Test last login date

* Change details in the frontend, check in the backend

* Register a new user in the frontend and check it in the backend

* Check if block and activation are working


Also mention that the mentors of the project have joined to work on discussing the architecture of the bdd tests. Results will soon be published.


GSoC 16 JavaScript Tests:  

JavaScript tests: Around 60% of core JS files are now basically covered. Ruchiranga is making great progress and we are ahead of the schedule.

Some Tests need refactoring of the JavaScript files in core to be testable. Ruchiranga is doing pull requests for that, like


Tests done in the last weeks are:

- Core.js

- Permissions.js

- Validate.js

- JCaption.js


## JoomlaBrowser  (22 438 installs) about 2000 more than last meeting.


Javier and Prital did a cleanup of the Code Style.


## Selenium server standalone:

We are in latest Selenium 2.53.0


## Running system tests on Docker Containers (Tito, Robert, Niels, Yannick) 

Robert: Reinstalled our 1&1 Server and installed Jenkins 2.x because it can do pipelines out of the box but hadn’t time to play around with it. Hope to have more time in the future when my PLT term is over.


Tito: well my latest "advance" is in terms of updating the Docker tests to work with latest Joomla, since they were done for 3.4 version initially, however I still need to use some more time to make the changes we discussed some time back about avoiding building the containers when running, etc, plus topics like catching errors to report back, so I expect assigning time during the next 2-3 weeks for it


## Documentation

No updates at  


## Current system tests in travis not working in PHP7

Tito is assigned to the issue:  


## Unit Tests status

No updates


## Tests in Joomla X

Niels encountered testability problems in Joomla x ORM branch (pythagoras repo, branch `clean-base`, under libraries/incubator/ORM). He is reworking it.


## QA Scripts (Code Style) and others at Jorobo project

Guido worked on some improvements (making build process easier and supporting standalone plugins and modules), but nothing ready yet


## Vagrant testing box (Yves) 

It's working, with Firefox 43. By the way there is an update to our selenium issue and Firefox 47. It has been fixed with the 47.0.1 firefox release (some days ago), but Selenium web driver needs still updates.


# Contributors needed!

There are open tasks for writing

## Joomla! System tests: 


## Tasks for Web Links

We need testers for the open pull requests! And we have a big issue with smart search tests, which make Travis fail. 


## Tasks for Joomla-Browser

We need to finish this: , any takers? is linked to: 


There are also multiple other open issues which need investigation and your help!



## Tasks for Selenium

Investigate on Marionette and Chrome Webdriver and on how we can use it.


## Tasks for JoRobo

- Migrate most of the code of the RoboFiles (in Weblinks / joomla) to it.

- Update coding standards (deprecated warning)

- Build system for Joomla core itself (replace Phing scripts, add minifying of JS / CSS, XML replacements, many other nice features. Talk with @rdeutz)



## Tasks for Vagrant Box

Add shell scripts to easily set up testing additionally Web Links and GSoC JavaScript project


We need testers: Jelle had a strange bug in Windows (not showing up for other win users).


# Next meeting

25th Automated Testing Team Meeting

Date & Time

Wed, July 20th at