By Yves Hoppe on 2016-08-24 16:11 in Automated Testing Team

Wednesday, 24th August 2016 on Glip

Time: 2 pm UTC / GMT + 0
Report: Yves
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Javier Gómez (Lead)



Allon Moritz



David Jardin



Dalpat Singh



Davide Messia



Jack Raknailuang



Guido de Gobbis



Jelle Kok



Krys Nuvadga



Marc Widmann



Kshitij Sharma



Michiel Verhoef



Milton Bryant



Niels Braczek



Puneet Kala



Prital Patel



Robert Deutz



Roger Abt



Roland Dalmunder



Tito Alvarez



Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe



Tristan Bailey



Victor Escobar



Valerie Isacksen



Yannick Gaultier



Viktor Vogel



Yves Hoppe




Agenda / Topics to cover

1. Welcomes and See you laters

No new team members

2. Weblinks tests updates

Most open PRs and issues were closed or merged in the last weeks. Thanks to PK and KS!

RD and YH set up an server and implemented it to run the weblinks tests, see this PR:

TA and JK managed to finally get PHP 7 with Travis to work, see

PHP Code style (phpcs) tests are now run with Travis for every weblinks PR, see - A big thank you to Tobias Zulauf for fixing the code style in weblinks for that!!

There was a change in travis which required adding localhost with in /etc/hosts. Thanks to TA and PK:

New version of weblinks is coming nearer there were many changes and improvements in the last time.

Open issues to investigate:


3. Google Summer of Code 2016 JavaScript tests

Most tests were merged into core, documentation has been written. Ruchiranga gave a report of his final work.

The JavaScript testing GSoC project by now has achieved all the targets we had in the initial plan. In total, we have made the following PRs to the Joomla core and all of them have already been merged.

Those PRs included the JavaScript testing environment setup as well as test suites for the following JavaScript libraries.

- caption.js
- core.js
- permissions.js
- repeatable.js
- validate.js
- highlighter.js
- switcher.js
- subform-repeatable.js
- sendtestmail.js

The testing setup is also configured to run the tests on travis as well. The documentation on running the JavaScript tests is available at

JCM article:

4. Google Summer of Code 2016 Browser tests

We are almost ready for our PR against core. Prital will give a final report today.

The project

is at the end of it’s stage and preparing final clean up and preparing structure to send it in Joomla CMS.

Following are the improvements added in project.

- Optimize code and prepare page objects for reusing code
- Remove duplicate code and use multiple annotations
- Prepare README and documentation for Joomla Docs

Prepare sample PR to send in Joomla CMS

- Tests Structure going to propose
- Prepare test structure for codeception
- Create new folder under tests directory named as “codeception” and move all the  acceptance testing scenarios written in Gherkin and codeception into this.
- “_support” contains steps and page objects.
- Having own composer.json for codeception tests to avoid confliction with phpunit and-  javascript testing suits.

Prepare a PR for joomla core

5. JoomlaBrowser


(26826 installs) about 3000 more than last meeting.

TA fixed an issue with the multilanguage selector in Joomla 3.6 installs, see

PK made a new release (

Interesting discussion / issue for different language support

Petar found and fixed an issue for uninstalling extensions, we need testers:

6. Selenium server standalone

JK updated the Google Chrome and Microsoft webdrivers, see

Selenium 3.0-beta1 was announced, we need to work forward to support it - make sure to read the blog post and check the changelog:

Jelle has tested it and it’s still working. We need only to fix the $I->waitForText (see weblinks issue), because the tests are failing sometimes.

It would be nice to get from codeception the javascript console errors somehow when a test fails, not sure how this could be done, but something cool to explore

7. Running system tests on Docker containers

We made progress with, see weblinks.

Niels started to create an environment for Joomla X - still not happy with it. Most likely more about that next week, see Joomla X section later.

8. Documentation

RW added an extensive documentation for the automated JavaScript tests for Joomla!

9. Unit tests status

There were multiple changes and interesting discussions about the unit tests in core:

Interesting debate on failing unit tests related to travis and hhvm in core:

Weblinks no updates

10. Tests in Joomla! X

Niels Braczek: The first working version of the ORM is ready and was merged to master yesterday. At least the relation handling was created using Document Driven Development, which is an extension to Test Driven Development, so test coverage should be pretty nice (currently having problems to run the tests with coverage).

Currently, the development of the first visible features has started, including a setup for acceptance tests within a docker environment.

11. QA and Build Scripts at JoRobo project

There are two open PRs to test:

We almost reached 5k downloads for JoRobo at packagist.


12. Vagrant Testing Box


No updates, still running

Contributors needed!

There are open tasks for writing Joomla! System tests:

Tasks for Web Links

We have a big issue with smart search tests, which make Travis fail.

Tasks for Joomla-Browser

We need to finish this:, which is linked to:, Volunteer for this needed

There are also multiple other open issues which need investigation and your help!

Tasks for Selenium

- Investigate on Marionette and Chrome Webdriver and on how we can use it.
- Integrate and test Selenium 3 beta!

Tasks for JoRobo

- Migrate most of the code of the RoboFiles (in Weblinks / Joomla) to it.
- Update coding standards (deprecated warning)
- Build system for Joomla core itself (replace Phing scripts, add minifying of JS / CSS, XML replacements, many other nice features. Talk with @rdeutz and joomla-cms maintenance team)


Tasks for Vagrant Box

Add shell scripts to easily set up testing additionally Web Links and GSoC JavaScript project


Next meeting

14th September 2016 at 14 pm UTC / GMT