By Yves Hoppe on 2016-11-23 16:06 in Automated Testing Team

Wednesday, 23th November 2016 on Glip

Time: 16:00 CEST
Report: YH

Previous meeting report


List of Attendees Overview







Yves Hoppe (Lead)



Astrid Günther



Javier Gomez (Assistant TL)



Jelle Kok



Abu Huraira Bin Aman



Niels Braczek



Guido de Gobbis



Prital Patel



Tobias Zulauf



Tito Alvarez



Kshitij Sharma



Viktor Vogel



Puneet Kala



Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe



Robert Deutz



Other Attendees:


Nicola Galgano



David Neukirchen



Agenda / Topics to cover

1. Transition and Voting

Yves Hoppe was voted team leader and Javier Gomez will be the Assistant Team Leader.


1.a) Clean up of volunteers and Glip

Clean up of the volunteers portal and the Glip group was finished during October and beginning of November. Inactive members were put to the honour list.

The old channel is now the General Testing & CI channel on Glip. Be sure to join that too!

2) Code Sprint 10th & 11th december 2016 in Munich

We are all set for the code sprint. The curren task list can be found at:


It’s not 100% complete and still working in progress. Please have a look and see on which tasks  you want to focus on. Also if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to add a comment or ping Yves, Javi or Puneet directly.


3. Weblinks updates

Chris Davenport is preparing a beta release of Weblinks 3.6.0 - there will be testers needed - so if anyone has some time please help there!

Additionally one of the tasks for the code sprint will be improving the tests there and experiment how we get travis more stable for Weblinks.

4. JoomlaBrowser

(34093 installs) about 3000 more than last meeting.

No other updates.

For now JoomlaBrowser runs fine with 3.7, once the release gets nearer (March) we will release a new version of it. Meanwhile we keep checking if there are any changes affecting it.


5. Selenium server standalone

The Gecko / Marionette driver was updated to 0.11.1 and Astrid improved the README file for the Chrome driver.

6. Running system tests on Docker containers

RD and YH tried to set up Drone 0.5, but after two days they gave up, because it’s still not working reliable and stable. We are going to follow the update stream there closely and see if we can get some help from Brad Rydzewski.

Drone 0.4 (which we are still running on core and weblinks) is missing some functionality we would need to fully replace Travis.

David Neukirchen suggested that we switch to a pure Jenkins set up, we will evaluate that during the code sprint.

JoomlaAT (Docker-based) engine:


During JWC, Puneet, Yves and Tito worked on a plan to get the Docker parallel testing environment working, on a hosting-agnostic approach involving the pre-built Docker containers and the code to automate the tasks for multiple (configurable for each test) PHP and Joomla versions.

Tasks that need to be executed (developed):

  1. Copy tests scripts to all clients

  2. Install extension (unique and independent task for each server environment)

  3. Execute parallel tests

  4. Uninstall extension (unique and independent)

  5. Get results

  6. Report back (Github, Glip, Slack, etc)


The primary concentration (and minimum goal for the code sprint) is to get 1 to 4 done at least, but if possible, the whole 6 tasks.

One important annotation is that the containers (PHP-Joomla specific) will be pre-built this time and with Joomla installed for extension testing, so there is another task needed (for Jenkins or some other CI) to create a daily build of the staging version of Joomla.

Tito Alvarez will lead the docker group in the code sprint. If anyone else (except the already assigned ones) is interested working at this great topic ping Tito or Yves.

7. Documentation
No updates.

8. Unit tests status

Weblinks no updates

TZ: No other changes there

9. Tests in Joomla! X

No updates

10. QA and Build Scripts at JoRobo project

Tobias Zulauf updated the code style for the JoRobo project:


Chris Davenport fixed an issue with the SSL Connection in the ftp upload:

We reached 8000 downloads for JoRobo at packagist.


A new version (1.0.0) is going be released soon.


11. Vagrant Testing Box

No updates, still running

Contributors needed!

There are open tasks for writing Joomla! System tests:

Tasks for Web Links

We have a big issue with smart search tests, which make Travis fail.

Tasks for Joomla-Browser

We need to finish this:, which is linked to:, Volunteer for this needed

There are also multiple other open issues which need investigation and your help!


Testers for this PR

Tasks for Selenium

- Investigate changed needed for Chrome Webdriver

- Integrate and test Selenium 3!

Tasks for JoRobo

- Migrate most of the code of the RoboFiles (in Weblinks / Joomla) to it.
- Build system for Joomla core itself (replace Phing scripts, add minifying of JS / CSS, XML replacements, many other nice features. Talk with RD and joomla-cms maintenance team)

Tasks for Vagrant Box

Add shell scripts to easily set up testing additionally Web Links and GSoC JavaScript project. Talk with YH.


Next meeting

Code sprint on 10th and 11th december in Munich.

On Glip:

14th December 2016 at 14 pm UTC / GMT