By Yves Hoppe on 2017-01-12 18:30 in Automated Testing Team

Wednesday, 11th January 2017 on Glip

Time: 16:00 CEST
Report: Any volunteers?

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List of Attendees Overview







Yves Hoppe (Lead)



Astrid Günther



Javier Gomez (Assistant TL)



Jelle Kok



Abu Huraira Bin Aman



Niels Braczek



Guido de Gobbis



Prital Patel



Tobias Zulauf



Tito Alvarez



Kshitij Sharma



Viktor Vogel



Puneet Kala



Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe



Robert Deutz




Other Attendees:


Nicola Galgano



David Neukirchen



Agenda / Topics to cover

1) Code Sprint 2016 Munich

17 people worked for two days in a code sprint in Munich. We achieved a lot and covered multiple topics. A community magazine article by Viktor Vogel will follow in the next issue.


AG also wrote an already published article in the community magazin.


Francesco, Nicola, Astrid did a tremendous work writing system tests for com_modules and tested executing tests in different browsers.

Thank you Puneet for working on and managing the System Tests. You did great and you achieved a lot!

Viktor thank you for helping Puneet and taking care of social media and general happiness of everyone :)

Daniel and Jelle awesome that you managed to get the chromium webdriver and Selenium 3 running (even under windows!)

Javier, i don't even know where to begin. You handled so many things and took care of everyone. Thank you!!

Tobi and David created tests for com_fields, cleaned up com_content and implemented an awesome Joomla adapter for the integration of the DB module of Codeception!

Guido focused on com_contact and looked into testing new features on Linux.

Niels, Tito and Marco focused on the new docker compose based infrastructure for testing.

Kshitij implemented the tests for com_menu and com_menuItems and worked on many other tests!

Also again thank you to CMT GmbH for providing the location.

1a. Reimbursements

Almost everyone got their reimbursement.

2. GSoC Project

TA and NB are planning are Google Summer of Code project on the Docker infrastructure.

TA proposed an extension of the project started at the code sprint Niels, considering that there will be a first working version of Docker based tests within the next 2 months.

This project will do extended tasks like improving the Virtualization repository, adding support for testing the CMS (right now it will only test extensions), etc. Basically an extension of the new testing infrastructure, in which I also consider will be room for more improvements, like splitting the tests to get the group of parallel tests to optimize testing time, etc

For testing in general:
YH: For testing in general Puneet and me are not sure if this is something for GSoC at the moment. We are still working on core integration and need to define certain things first.

RD: A testing dashboard with information about the test status. Something like a birds eye view. How is code coverage, state about the last 20 tests run, something nice looking. Robert is going to create a proposal on it.

The GSoC call for ideas is still open for some more weeks and we we will investigate further if we could have another testing project.

3. Weblinks updates

Chris Davenport prepared a beta release for Weblinks and the stable version is going to follow soon. Please help testing there!

The migration to Chrome and Selenium Server 3 is ongoing and should be finalised in the next weeks.

Currently the tests at weblinks are failing, because of this.

4. JoomlaBrowser

(38453 installs) about 4000 more than last meeting.

During the code sprint and after there were multiple improvements and fixes implemented. TA and JK updated the dependencies, including an update to phpcs v2.

TA is working on further changes there, checkout container-test branch here and at JoRobo.

5. Selenium server standalone

During the sprint JG updated Selenium to Version 3.0.1.

JK updated the chrome driver to the recent version 2.27 and the Firefox Gecko driver to 0.13. During the sprint DD and JK implemented a new and easier way to use different web drivers and to start it with PHP.

For that we have new Selenium.php in the projects root.


6. Running system tests on Docker containers

RD and YH replaced the Drone 0.4 server through a new one. Sponsored by - Thank you for that! It still runs the Joomla! Core JavaScript tests and the weblinks tests.


TA and NB started implementing the new docker based solution on the code sprint and are still working on the integration.

There is a new Robo repository "Joomla! Testing Robo"

It was created during the sprint, in order to replace the old "Robo" repository and make simple OOP tasks. During the last weeks TA created the "container-test" branch in it, where actual improvements to support Docker-based tests are being performed.

TA the days before Christmas, an actual successful test for Weblinks was done from a container generated by the next-to-be main repository for Joomla testing architecture (, using all this new set of tasks.

TA: So the plan for Jan/Feb is to actually get a first version of the Docker-based testing architecture running, capable of cloning its own containers, downloading the needed code and performing parallel tests. I expect some partial success for the next meeting and for the next 2 meetings I really hope I can give you good news about it.


NB: I’m currently working on separate PHP containers (CLI, FPM, and Apache), that can be requested with a specific PHP version. It works down to 5.4.15; older versions struggle with SSL integration. The containers are covered by a few basic tests:

  • PHP command is located in '/usr/local/bin/php'

  • PHP is the requested version

  • XDebug is installed

The containers will be provided through DockerHub, once they are compiling correctly at least down to version 5.2.

7. Documentation

No updates.

8. Unit tests status

Weblinks no updates

TZ: Joomla! Core no updates

9. Tests in Joomla! X

NB: Work on Joomla! X is currently on hold, until we get a decision from PLT regarding its future.

10. Build Scripts at JoRobo project

Clean up and removing metrics and outdated dependencies.

Multiple releases during and since the code sprint.

TA: Working on making it phpcs v.2 compliant


11. Vagrant Testing Box

Updates to the new Chrome Selenium Webdriver in progress. Minor fixes through Guido de Gobbis during the last weeks.

Contributors needed!

There are open tasks for writing Joomla! System tests:

Tasks for Web Links

We have a big issue with smart search tests, which make Travis fail.

Tasks for Joomla-Browser

There are multiple open PRs which need help testing. In general a new architecture and clean up is needed.

Tasks for Selenium

- Testing and Extending the selenium.php file we supply

Tasks for JoRobo

- Build system for Joomla core itself (replace Phing scripts, add minifying of JS / CSS, XML replacements, many other nice features. Talk with @rdeutz and joomla-cms maintenance team)

Tasks for Vagrant Box

Add shell scripts to easily set up testing additionally Web Links and GSoC JavaScript project


Next meeting

On Glip:

1st February 2017 at 15 pm UTC / GMT