By Yves Hoppe on 2017-03-13 23:04 in Automated Testing Team

Wednesday, 8th March 2017 on Glip

Time: 15:00 / 3 pm UTC / GMT
Report: Yves

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Yves Hoppe (Lead)



Astrid Günther



Javier Gomez (Assistant TL)



Jelle Kok



Abu Huraira Bin Aman



Niels Braczek



Guido de Gobbis



Prital Patel



Tobias Zulauf



Tito Alvarez



Kshitij Sharma



Viktor Vogel



Puneet Kala



Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe



Robert Deutz



David Neukirchen



Other Attendees:


Nicola Galgano



Agenda / Topics to cover

1. Action Plan / Roadmap for 2017

We are currently finalizing the roadmap:


2. GSoC Project

We have currently 4 testing project ideas in the pool:

1.) JavaScript Tests for Joomla 4
2.) Testing Dashboard

3.) Improvements and extended coverage for the parallel testing environment

4.) Gherkin Editor


3. Weblinks updates

The migration to Chrome and Selenium Server 3 is ongoing.

Weblinks 3.6 will be released today.

4. JoomlaBrowser

(42000 installs) about 2000 more than last meeting.

No updates on dev branch. TA working on container-test, but basically I'm working on fine tuning it to get the full set of functionalities that Weblinks has right now, part of it following Jelle's job for the Joomla specific tests.


5. Selenium server standalone

(36000 downloads) about 1500 more than last meeting.

JK updated selenium to 3.2.0 and the IE webdrivers. New release 3.2. Next version 3.3 is coming soon (Already happened at the time writing)

6. Running system tests on Docker containers

TA / NB: Currently there is a working set of a single container-based tests for weblinks, using that container-test branch spread through the joomla-testing and weblinks repositories
and also Niels' virtualisation repository, which is on the works for creating a whole virtual environment for Joomla testing. TA goal for this month is to get the first test to actually run more than one container through the newly testing coordinator (which we talked about in Munich) so then it can be plugged into Niels' virtualisation for automating the environment

RD and YH: Drone 0.5 running since some weeks stable for parts of the core tests (JS + phpcs).. More to come.

7. Documentation

YH: Started organizing and updating the documentation on the automated testing team.

8. Unit tests status

Weblinks no updates

9. Tests in Joomla! Core / 4
Unit testing sub team still working on an overview for the tests.

10. Tests in Joomla! X

NB: Work on Joomla! X is currently on hold, until we get a decision from PLT regarding its future.

11. Build Scripts at JoRobo project

Minor fixes


12. Vagrant Testing Box

No updates after the latest merges.

Contributors needed!

There are open tasks for writing Joomla! System tests:

Tasks for Web Links

We have a big issue with smart search tests, which make Travis fail.

Tasks for Joomla-Browser

There are multiple open PRs which need help testing. In general a new architecture and clean up is needed.

Tasks for Selenium

- Testing and Extending the selenium.php file we supply

Tasks for JoRobo

- Build system for Joomla core itself (replace Phing scripts, add minifying of JS / CSS, XML replacements, many other nice features. Talk with @rdeutz and joomla-cms maintenance team)

Tasks for Vagrant Box

Add shell scripts to easily set up testing additionally Web Links and GSoC JavaScript project


Next meeting

On Glip:

12th April 2017 at 16 pm UTC / GMT