By Puneet Kala on 2014-11-26 17:25 in Automated Testing Team

3rd-Meeting for System Test Working Group,

Meeting was attended by: 

Puneet Kala, Javier Gomez, Milton Bryant, Kshitij Sharma, David Jardin, Viktor Vogel, Valerie Isaksen.

Topics Covered in the Meeting:

  1. Javier and Kshitij talked about the presentation for System Tests at JWC-14, feedbacks and questions they were asked were discussed, Kshtij is going to add his presentation for JWC in Documentation before next meeting. 
  2. Puneet and Javier talked about the progress on CodeCeption tests on com_localise, what all have been done so far, what is the plan for the future.
  3. Viktor and David talked about the plan to make use of Servers provided by 1&1 for making use with System Tests, David is going to prepare a documented plan within next few days on How we are going to make use of the servers.
  4. System tests that were done as part of GSOC-14, plan was prepared to tests them against the latest 3.4 beta and fix issues if any, Javier, Puneet and Kshitij are going to work on this and prepare a Pull request to the main repo by first week of December.
  5. Puneet talked about the latest framework that he has been working on, mustached,, Javier suggested few more changes that is needed to make it work for testing Joomla! extensions with CodeCeption.
  6. Javier asked all the group members to signup on the Volunteers portal.
  7. Milton is going to help us in arranging a Management tool for the working group.
  8. Valerie is going to help in Documenting along with Javier Gomez

Next meeting is planned to happen on 10th December 2014, timings can be found here

Complete notes for the meeting can be found here: