By Private Profile 95792f89 on 2014-12-10 00:00 in Automated Testing Team

4th Meeting for System Test working Group,

Meeting was attended by:

Puneet Kala, Javier Gomez, Milton Bryant, Valerie Isaksen, Robert Deutz, Tanaporn Pantuprecharat

Topics Covered in the Meeting:

  1. Puneet Kala informed about the status of System Tests, and updates on the GSOC Project work, Puneet will work with Kshitij to fix all the tests by end of December, 2014.
  2. Robert Attended first meeting for System testing group and he explained about the setup and plan to make use of Servers, Robert will work along with David Jardin and have the Docker instance and Jenkins server setup by January, 2015.
  3. Puneet Kala and Javier Gomez are going to plan for building tests for in January using
  4. Once the server setup is done, Puneet and Javier will work on finding ways to make use of Sauce Labs/Browser Stack to make test execute on different browsers, php versions and make them run in Parallel. 
  5. Tanaporn will send a text report about her PHD research Topic.
  6. Valerie and Tanaporn are going to start working on documenting:
  7. Milton will help in Setting up System testing Project on Jira.

Next meeting is planned to happen on 7th January, 2015.

Complete Notes for todays meeting can be found here: