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Wednesday, 5th October 2016 on Glip
Time: 16:00 CEST
Report: Any volunteers?
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List of Attendees Overview







Javier Gómez (Lead)



Allon Moritz



David Jardin



Dalpat Singh



Davide Messia



Jack Raknailuang



Guido de Gobbis



Jelle Kok



Krys Nuvadga



Marc Widmann



Kshitij Sharma



Michiel Verhoef



Milton Bryant



Niels Braczek



Puneet Kala



Prital Patel



Robert Deutz



Roger Abt



Roland Dalmunder



Tito Alvarez



Ruchiranga Wickramasinghe



Tristan Bailey



Victor Escobar



Valerie Isacksen



Yannick Gaultier



Viktor Vogel



Yves Hoppe



Abu Huraira Bin Aman



Tobias Zulauf




Agenda / Topics to cover

1) Organization

1.a) Welcomes and See you laters

Welcome Astrid Günther (AG) and Tobias Zulauf (TZ)

Astrid Günther: I have been working part-time as a system administrator in a bank since 1997. I would like more programming. I have written a few Joomla + components and noticed that the testing takes a lot of time. And then you always forget something. That is why I would like to collect some more experience in the area. So I landed in this group.

1.b) Automated testing team restructuring


The current automated testing team channel has 50 members. But the active members count is way below 10. With the restructuring to a smaller and compact core team, we think that activity will rise and we can easily assign tasks to people.

Transition strategy

We will start with forming a small group channel with some initial line up of people. If you want to be one of them ping Javier, Puneet or Yves. But be sure that you want to actively contribute! The site on will be updated in the next months.

Preventing fallback to old behaviors

To keep everyone involved we think it is best that everyone on the Team doesn't miss two consecutive meetings (without informing). If no activity is seen from someone for over a particular period of time, we plan to move that volunteer to Honour roll and eventually remove him from the Core team channel. If the member becomes active again we will be more than happy to add them back to the team. :)

This measure is just to keep check on how we are doing as a team. And make sure everyone is involved and contributes to the group, and it is applicable to all the members equally.

Current automated testing Glip channel

The current channel will be made public and renamed so it becomes a channel for questions around testing in Joomla! Lot of people are asked for something like that.


We will also inform the members of this channel about meeting reports, updates etc. from the automated testing team. So if you are in this channel you still will be tomorrow. But the next meeting of the Automated Testing Team will be in the new channel.


If you have any questions regarding the transition don’t hesitate contacting Javier, Puneet or Yves.

1.c) Code Sprint 2016

We are currently working on it.. Hopefully we will manage to have one at the end of the year
if you are interested in joining, again ping Javi, Puneet or me..
We will update you once we have the final go.


2. Weblinks updates

No updates, we have some open Pull Requests and issues. Chris Davenport is working on a new release.


3. JoomlaBrowser

(> 30000 installs) about 3000 more than last meeting.

4. Selenium server standalone

No changes. Astrid worked on a pull request updating the README file (RTC).


5. Running system tests on Docker containers


RD and YH worked on Drone 0.5. We have the feeling that it is still to unstable. But would love to get it working ASAP.

Javier wants to study the possibility of uploading tests screenshots to server.

6. Documentation

AG improved the documentation on some parts.

7. Unit tests status

HHVM support is still a big topic.

Weblinks no updates


8. Tests in Joomla! 4

TZ is going to report on test related changes in Joomla! 4.

RD needs helping hands for cleaning up the PHP Unit tests and make progress there.

9. Tests in Joomla! X


Most of the packages are from the Framework, so the low coverage (e.g., the Router) is caused from that. Packages like the Renderer will get coverage with the system tests.

10. QA and Build Scripts at JoRobo project

There is one open issue (deprecated warning) to be resolved @NB

We reached 6.5k downloads for JoRobo at packagist.


TZ is going to improve code style (@since tag missing for example) during the next weeks.


11. Vagrant Testing Box

No updates, still running

Contributors needed!


There are open tasks for writing Joomla! System tests:

Tasks for Web Links

We have a big issue with smart search tests, which make Travis fail.

Tasks for Joomla-Browser

We need to finish this:, which is linked to:, Volunteer for this needed

There are also multiple other open issues which need investigation and your help!


Testers for this PR

Tasks for Selenium

- Investigate on Marionette and Chrome Webdriver and on how we can use it.
- Integrate and test Selenium 3 beta!

Tasks for JoRobo

- Migrate most of the code of the RoboFiles (in Weblinks / Joomla GSoC) to it.
- Update coding standards (deprecated warning) @NB
- Build system for Joomla core itself (replace Phing scripts, add minifying of JS / CSS, XML replacements, many other nice features. Talk with @RD and joomla-cms maintenance team)

Tasks for Vagrant Box

Add shell scripts to easily set up testing additionally Web Links and GSoC JavaScript project


Next meeting

26th October 2016 at 14 pm UTC / GMT