By Private Profile 5c8b5ea0 on 2015-04-08 00:00 in Automated Testing Team

9th Meeting for Automated Testing working Group,

Meeting was attended by:

Puneet Kala, Javier Gomez, David Jardin, Kshitij Sharma

Topics Covered in the Meeting:

  1. Javier informed that the System Tests working Group and Unit Tests working group have got merged into Automated Testing Working Group.
  2. Javier informed about the PR for codeception tests for Weblinks. Once this pull is merged and finished, we will be able to do the tests in weblinks, beacause weblinks will reuse some of the tests from Joomla.
  3. Javier has assigned Puneet and Kshitij to work on the issue #6499
  4. Team has decided to work on a proposal where milestones for writing the tests in codeception will be decided.
  5. Javier will test since it has a tool to simplify  running Selenium and tests execution, and we will need it for parallel testing in the future.
  6. David and Robert will work on merging #6503 that is for adding Docker Containers separated test suites
  7. Kshitij and Valerie will work on improving documentation

Next meeting is planned to happen on 29,April 2015 at

Complete Notes of today's meeting can be found here:

doc link