By Private Profile 5c8b5ea0 on 2015-06-10 22:52 in Automated Testing Team

10th Meeting for Automated Testing working Group,


wednesday 6th of May


Meeting was attended by: Puneet Kala, Javier Gomez, Kshitij Sharna

Topics Covered in the Meeting:

  1. Kshitij and Puneet innformed about the current status of the system Test Suite and updates on the GSOC'14 project.
  2. Robert and David are working on running system tests on Docker Containers.
  3. Javier is working on writing the Codeception Tests for Weblinks extension.
  4. Javier and Puneet have created the Joomla Browser Module.
  5. Javier informs the team members that the new upcoming version of codeception i.e. Codeception 2.1 has many cool fuctionalities.
  6. In the next step we are going to work on creating Weblinks Test and Joomla Browser module.
  7. Javier, Kshitij and Valerie are working on improving the Documentation.


Next meeting will happen after JAB'15.