By Nicola Galgano on 2019-10-26 09:27 in Bug Squad

Date: October 25, 2019

Time: 19:05 CEST

Total time of meeting: 1,30 hour


Michael Babker, Richard Fath,Harald Leithner,Nicola Galgano,Troy Hall,SharkyKZ, Jean-marie Simonet,Quy Ton


Discussion outline


Current status

During the last week the worldwide Pizza Bug & Fun was held, so we have seen a lot of activities on the tracker and on the translation of the documentation, we really like this, even if, this ended in more open issues, but i would like to see the glass half full, a lot of people, and  most of them approaching contribution for the 1st time, are starting to give back to the project, we hope that they can continue to contribute to the project more often and not only a spot event.

Feedback from jdit19 + pbf

 During the jdit19 + pbf event, i was so lucky to get in touch with a lot of people, and tryied to lower their learning curve for let the people to start to contribute to the project, and collected some positive feedback, a lot of them want to contribute despite the difficulties they encounter to start for the 1st time,we hope this kind of event can help us to collect more volunteer, and i've collected also negative feedback, people complain for the response time on the issues, on the pull request, etc, this scares people to contribute more, we should do much more and better in this matter.


Repository permission levels

 Work in progress.


Datetime real NULL status

The work on this task is quite near to be complete, and we plan to be ready for the upcoming Beta, the current status is available on this document :


apart as usual on the github repository, as usual we need tester, and even if some correlated issues can arise, we are on the piece, and we hope to lower as best as we can the response time, i cannot express myself better, but this team is doing an amazing work


Next Meeting schedule

The next team meeting will be: Fri, November 08 at 7:00 PM PM CET