By Nicola Galgano on 2020-08-08 09:47 in Bug Squad

Date: August  07, 2020

Time: 19:05 CEST

Total time of meeting: 1 hour


Sandra Decoux, Richard Fath, Nicola Galgano, Astrid Günther, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, SharkyKZ, Jacob Waisner


Discussion outline           

Current Status


We have approximately 730 open issues. Anyway based on the last month statistics available on Github there were: 124 closed issues and 51 new issues. I’m starting to not believe on such numbers, cause the trend of open issues is still growing, despite the good outlook on monthly based.


New Team Frontend Template - Cassiopea


As has already been reported elsewhere a new Team is in place, to work on frontend Template Cassiopea i'd like to ask you all to join that Team as there is even a Glip chat:

JEDT - Cassiopeia public channel.

How to manage the Frontend Template Issues


Since a new Team should be responsible to deal with this matter, we will try to add the already existing Github Label ie "J4 Frontend Template", for all the existing open issues related to that matter and obviously for the new ones, in the hope that it should be more helpful to manage that matter from the new Team.

Next Meeting


The next team meeting will be: Fri, 4 September at 7:00 PM CEST