By Nicola Galgano on 2020-09-05 06:53 in Bug Squad

Date: September  04, 2020

Time: 19:05 CEST

Total time of meeting: 1+ hour


Sandra Decoux, Richard Fath, Nicola Galgano, Astrid Günther, Christiane Maier-Stadtherr, Luca Racchetti, SharkyKZ, Jacob Waisner


Discussion outline           


Current Status


We have approximately 770 open issues, and the trend of open issues is still growing, we hope that after the summer and holidays we can reverse that trend.


New Team Member


We welcomed Luca Racchetti to the team.

Team Twitter account


We have far too many inactive social media accounts in the project and few people to manage them, it has been decided to close the JBS Twitter account. When the JBS wants to communicate something, the Joomla Developer account can be used. Will make a tweet saying we're gonna close the account and invite people to follow the dev account where we will make our future communication.


How to work efficiently


In the hope to work with more efficiency, and to lower the frustration and the consequent demotivation that has been reported, and with in mind the few work power that we currently have, we will start an experiment. Every team member will propose 1 issue/pr, and all the team will focus to solve those with the highest priority, only when the proposed item will be totally consumed ie (merged /rejected/ closed), a new item can be added to the list, in addition, to play fair, we implement some kind of First In First Out mechanism, to be sure that all the proposed items will be attentioned. For the start we would like to list only not too many complex items, in this way we can better evaluate if this "modus operandi" can bring us results in a short time.

Every community member can propose an item, asking to a team member to sponsor their proposal.


Next Meeting

The next team meeting will be: Fri, 18 September at 7:00 PM CEST